Which Medical Inventory Software is Right For Your Company?

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Every company in the medical industry should have inventory software than they can rely on.  In an industry where the customers needs are extremely important and sometimes time sensitive, there’s no time to waste with tedious administrative duties. Even so, there’s no way around having to keep your inventory organized, updated, and in it’s correct location. In an industry with a ton of compliance regulations and varying degrees of inventory, spreadsheets will no longer cut it. So, with many applications and levels of inventory software that suites medical as well as other types of businesses, which one best suites your needs?

Top Rated Medical Inventory Software

Some medical inventory software stands out among the rest. By looking into the differing features, prices, and ease of use, you can identify which of these highly rated systems is best for your company.


This is one of the highest-quality medical inventory software on the market and starts at $4,395. Along with its quality, it’s one of the most intricate and multi-leveled systems in the industry. This software is best for a company looking to use all of its core features like manufacturing, QuickBooks integration, Xerox integration, work orders, production stages, sales and purchasing, order management, and of course inventory management. This system is wholesome and does much more than simply keep track of your medical inventory, although that is one of the many features. Fishbowl even includes what they call an ROI tool that allows you to calculate the amount of money you’ll save by utilizing the software. This system does require extensive training for efficient use and can be researched further on its website where you can find corporate brochures and additional solutions.


This inventory management system is nearly the opposite of Fishbowl. Sortly is strictly an inventory management application that’s simple to use and requires little to no training. It allows multiple people in your company to access the system at a time and from different devices. It updates itself in real-time so that there are no miscommunications when viewing it. The intuitive design allows users to physically view inventory by use of pictures and custom labels. Additional information like maintenance dates, expiration dates, location, manager in charge, and number in stock can be added and automatically updated through the system. Sortly goes for only $25/month and includes 3 users, unlimited items, multiple device interfaces, and many more features.

iMagic Inventory

This medical inventory system is more similar to Fishbowl in the way that is offers many additional features to aid with manufacturing, fulfillment, interactive reporting, and performance cycle counts. It is however streamlined to help specifically with medical inventory management. Ideally, iMagic would be used in a setting with multiple practicing physicians in order to maintain accurate records on what products, supplies, and medications are being held in house. The system has purchase ordering built in as well as electronic requisition submission for supplies, and invoicing solutions. iMagic can be the perfect fit for businesses outside the medical industry like retail companies, small services businesses, and fulfillment houses. iMagic’s price depends on how many users are going to have access to the system. One user will run you $249 and six users will cost approximately $1,349. In addition to that cost, the system can only be accessed on the one computer with the license to use the software.

ASAP Systems

This software offers industry solutions in multiple fields including medical. For this reason, it’s likely that offices you’ve been to before utilize ASAP for their inventory management. It can be found in banking and finance, education, enterprise businesses, healthcare, government, EMS and fire, military, and many more. The inventory system itself offers features like built-in search, custom data fields, custom barcode labels, QuickBooks integration, cost and price tracking, purchase orders, alerts, online shopping carts, and much more. The software is not hard to navigate, but does require training with an online technician and sales engineer. ASAP System’s website also offers different hardware to choose from depending on your industry. These include bar code printers, bar code scanners, handheld RFID readers, rugged mobile computers, label design wizard, and signature capture pads.

eTurns TrackStock

Another highly rated medical inventory management software is eTurns. The main feature of this system is that it provides the user with visibility of stock rooms. With automation, eTurns helps medical companies avoid ordering extra inventory because they weren’t sure what they had. The system aids in optimizing your inventory levels, reducing cash-in inventory, cutting costs through administrative work, consigning inventory, and using visual analytics to measure your progress. eTurns software is cloud based, therefore it can be viewed from anywhere with the correct access permission. It is also easily integrated into other solutions you may already be utilizing. You can find modules on their site to help you navigate the new system. For a demo or an estimate, you would have to contact tem at 1 (949) 265 2626.

As you can probably tell, different inventory management systems have many different features to offer. The most simplistic software out of the ones listed above would be Sortly. The app can be used across multiple devices and multiple users, requires no training, and offers amazing organizational solutions for your medical inventory. This software would go to best use at a firm or larger enterprise where inventory control in-house is a major time consumer. With custom barcodes, inventory visuals, and quick scans to enter into the system, Sortly is the best solution with the least maintenance. The other systems are slightly more intricate, and while they offer more solutions, it’s important to be sure you’re actually going to use them before paying for them. Many systems have complex solutions that sound incredible during the sales pitch, but go unused due to lack of training, lack of need, or confusion. Before choosing a solution, know what you want and know what you need.

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