Top 6 Zaggle Competitors And Their Functions

Zaggle Competitors

Companies use automated systems and software for managing their expense and travel. Zaggle is one of the known names in the Expense Management Software industry. However, if you are looking for Zaggle competitors then you are at the right place. Read this article to know about the major competitors of Zaggle.

Zaggle competitors

Following are some of the major Zaggle competitors:

#1 Happay

If you are looking for Zaggle competitors then you should be aware of Happay. It offers an integrated solution for travel and expense management. If you want to manage your travel and expense smoothly and simply then you can use Happay software. It is equipped with an AI-Based system that offers accurate data and automates the processes of travel and expense management. It also ensures the implementation of T&E of the company during expense management. It reduces reimbursement fraud and efforts for reimbursement processes.

Following are some of the major benefits that you can get by using the Happay expense and travel management software: 

  • It gives a self-booking platform
  • It gives 100% policy compliance
  • Automate the process of expense and travel management
  • Detect and reduce fraud and illegal reimbursement claims
  • Offers a single-click approval system

#2 Expensify

Expensify also stands among major Zaggle competitors. Expensify is one of the most popular and widely used expense management software. It gives the combined solution for managing payment, travel, and expense of the company. It simplifies the whole process of expense management and makes the process rapid. Using this app, you can reserve flights, hotels, and taxis digitally by communicating with a virtual assistant.

The major benefits of Expensify are mentioned below: 

  • It automates the travel, expense, and payment management processes
  • It allows third-party integration with the app
  • It helps in expense and mileage tracking during travel
  • It integrates credit card
  • It gives a currency conversion facility
  • It gives alerts based on accurate data
  • Automated petty cash management

#3 Harvest

Harvest also stands among the competitors of Zaggle. It gives an integrated solution for expense management, tools for budgeting, and time tracking. It is reliable with many accounting apps and software like Quickbooks and Xero and enables users to integrate third-party accounting solutions.

Some of the major benefits that you can get by using the Harvest are given below: 

  • It offers an automated system for expense management
  • It provides time-tracking and budgeting tools
  • It supports third-party accounting apps and solutions like Quickbook
  • It simplifies the expense tracking
  • It enables users to make invoices
  • It gives multiple currency support
  • It offers automated alerts

#4 Divvy

Divvy can also be your choice if you are looking for Zaggle competitors and alternatives. It offers an integrated solution for expense, travel, and reimbursement management. This software enables you to set your budget limits and gives you complete control over your expense. It simplifies the employee’s expense management easily for companies.

It offers corporate cards and enables unlimited virtual card creation, which provides complete visibility to an organization over its expense.

Some of the major benefits that you can get by using Divvy are mentioned below: 

  • It enables you to capture your receipts and bills
  • It gives an automated system for expense, travel, and reimbursement management
  • It gives ease to employees by automating and simplifying the expense reporting process
  • It gives complete control to the organization over their expense
  • It gives support and allows users unlimited virtual card creation

#5 BQE Core

BQE is also a competitor of Zaggle expense management software. It is the best business management solution designed especially for professional service-providing organizations. It claims that it combined many processes in a single solution including billing assistant, accounting, and project management.

This software offers real-time insights that you can get directly from your dashboard or your inbox.

Following are the major benefits that you can get from using BQE Core: 

  • It provides billing assistant
  • It provides automated solution for project management
  • It gives automated and accurate accounting solution
  • It gives great security features
  • It provides real-time insights into the organizations
  • It allows payroll management

#6 Emburse Certify

If you are looking for Zaggle competitors then you can consider Emburse Certify. It is one of the best expense and travel management solutions. It also provides a solution for account payment management. It simplifies expense management by automating several manual tasks.

Some of the major benefits that you can get by using Emburse Certify are mentioned below: 

  • It offers smart categorization of tasks
  • It gives mileage-tracking system for travel management
  • It provides automatic system for the creation of expense reports

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