Keep a track of your data usage with- Check Data Usage App

With the changing time lifestyle of human races has changed drastically. With these changes money spending habits, have also been changed instead of making calls now we have started to spending much on our data plan. No matter how big data plan you have it is always a good habit to keep track of your expenses and thus keeping track of your data usage is also a good habit. Keeping the requirement of data usage tracking in mind Systweak software has designed an application allows you to minutely monitor your data usage. You will find this application on google play store with the name of check data usage. Let us find out how this application works. Read More

Whatsapp is Breaching Your Data: Here is How To Stop It!

In the modern world, everyone is using smartphone devices. Since the instant messaging apps have come into existence, users are very fond of all of them. WhatsApp is one of the most popular social networking apps in the current world. Everyone has their smartphones, and then obviously they are using the social messaging app. They save their personal data in the shape of videos, audios, photos, chat conversations and send confidential documents for business purposes and much other private stuff which no one wants to get their hands on it by anyone. Let suppose what happened, in-case WhatsApp breaches your data or someone having a potential to hack you’re all of the data from the digital social app. A business person may get heavy setback because of losing confidential data loss, young kids and teens may get trouble if breaches their personal photos and then someone shares them on other messengers all over the world. Read More

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Bluehost coupons will save hundreds of your dollars on your next web hosting purchase from Bluehost and today we have a special offer of 2.95$ per month + FREE domain for you. But before we talk about this Bluehost promo code offer, let’s see why the Bluehost is right web hosting platform for you and what are the reviews of Bluehost.

We now live in an age where it takes just a few minutes to set up a website and get it running. To get an idea how far we have come, however, you need to look back to the times a decade before. Say, we were living in 2000 and you need to create a functional website for your business, personal needs or organization. Indeed, it would be out of your imagination and common man could not even think about it. You could have wanted to hire a professional coder, hosting administrator and even someone who would take care of the site — in most cases, preventing downtimes and attacks. Read More


WWW.HOTMAIL.COM LOGIN, SIGN UP | CREATE ACCOUNT is the free online email services provided by Microsoft. It is one of the most popular email services. It can be accessed through web browser anywhere in the world. It is a webmail free service. It was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. When it was launched, it offered free account with storage upto 250 mb, spam filters and virus scanning features. Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997. Read More

Top Mobile Phone Payment Methods

Top Mobile Phone Payment Methods

There are many ways to pay with your mobile, some of which are more popular than others. These mobile phone payments are always becoming more and more ubiquitous, to make things easier for you. Merchants and sites want you to pay quickly and conveniently, so we’re seeing a lot of these methods in mainstream use. Read More