20 Growth Hacks to Attract More Readers to Your Blog

Are you a new blogger? Or are you interested to start your own blog quickly? Do you think you are not getting enough traffic to your blog site? Then, here are proven growth hacks that can increase the readership of the blog and make readers come back to your site.

If you are using blogging as a tool to promote the products or services of your company then you need to ensure that it reaches maximum readers.

#1 Make the Content Incredible

Any type of blog promotion is worthless unless you have the blog content which will be able to attract the readers to your site and make them re-visit your blog for more. You can post about things which other people are hesitant to say. Make the content so interesting to people that they cannot resist themselves from sharing it. Post on your blog only when you want to say something substantial. Remember that nobody will be interested in fluff created by you.

#2 Write Catchy Headlines

The title of the post should reflect what you are trying to say in the post. You should make it as intriguing as possible, so that any reader going through the title should be forced to go through the body of the content as well. It is necessary to make the title optimized for search engines as well so that it will appear in top positions in the search result. Here is one example of catchy headlines:

#3 SEO Optimization of the Content

Your potential subscribers or visitors should be able to find your blog content easily from the vast contents that get posted on the World Wide Web. The people browsing on the net are using different search engines to find the contents that they are interested in. So, in order to make the content SEO optimized, include the perfect keywords in the content, create meta description, support the images in your blog with ALT text and create links from the blog post.

#4 Posting on Social Media Sites

After creating interesting content and optimizing it for SEO, you need to promote it using social media networks. Social media sites are powerful tools in promoting any site. You can use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Stumble upon, etc., so that your blog content will reach to new readers. Your existing subscribers will be able to see any new posts done by you instantly. Your followers can share the blog posted by you on their personal circle and it will spread easily from one group of the network to the other.

#5 Provide Up-to-date Information for Existing Visitors

It is easier to make your present visitors come back for further reading. Give the visitors the chance to subscribe for updates to be received from you using emails or through social media. Creating unique content only for subscribers is another way of making your visitors subscribe to your blog.

#6 Create Attractive Design

Once the visitor reaches your site, they would decide whether to continue reading your post or not by checking out the impression created by the website design. The design of the blog site should be attractive and interesting so that the visitors will remain on your website for more time. The design should be able to hook the visitors, hence create design accordingly.

#7 Make People to Share Your Content

Encourage your followers to share or write positive comments about your post. Your visitors should be able to share the contents of your blog easily. Providing easy to use plugin will make the readers to share the blog contents in their friends circle. Here is what Mashable does to make their content sharable:

#8 Create Your Brand and Maintain it

When you are creating blogs, you should remember that you won’t be able to guess who all are going to read your posts. Hence, you need to present yourself as a person with authentic and honest identity in your blogs. Create your brand through good content and maintain your brand identity using logos and templates, which will make the reader to have a peek into your work.

#9 Using Videos for Blogs

Adding videos to the blog posts creates an exciting element. The videos on the blogs make your visitors to have better connections with the content of the blog. Make sure that you include the videos based on the content, which will be interesting to your visitors and related to your blog niche.

#10 Invite Guest Bloggers

Inviting guest bloggers to write content for your blog site is another way of improving the readership of your blog. When guest bloggers are posting on your blog, you are attracting their audience to read the contents in your blog. You can also link back to the blogs of your guest so that the readers will be able to understand the healthy co-operation between the bloggers. Many readers will find this aspect of their writers attractive.

#11 Be a Guest Blogger

Just like you want to attract other readers by inviting new bloggers to write on your site, you can be a guest blogger on another site and create links to your site, so that the readers of that particular site will also think of visiting your site after reading your posts as a guest blogger for that site.

#12 Providing Reader Feedback Opportunities

For making blogging successful, you need to interact with your readers or audience. When you provide a feedback opportunity, the readers have a medium to share with the author of the blog concerning their views about the blog and to interact with the blogger. When you are reading the comments posted by your readers and making necessary changes in your post, you are making them understand that you value their opinion about the posts and this will create a sense of belonging with your site. Moreover, such interactions will definitely help to improve the quality of your work.

#13 Participate in Communities

Loyal followers are necessary for blogs and in order to gain the followers, it is necessary to create communities of readers with similar interests. You can create communities which share the same interests as that of your blog niche. If your blog posts include different topics, you can be part of different communities and can create links from the forum to the different sections on the blog site. You can become a member of Google+ communities or Facebook groups in order to start sharing your blog posts and attract more readers.

#14 Allow People to Comment on Your Blogposts

Most of the visitors to a webpage tend to leave the page if it takes more time to load. So, it is important to make your blog site load as fast as possible if you want to retain them on your site for longer durations. Select web hosting companies that provide faster page loads or try using quick cache plugins.

#15 Make the Website Customer Friendly

Your blog site should have easy to use user interface so that they will be able to reach the target posts easily. Including the sitemap on the website will help the visitors to find what they want to read easily. They should be able to subscribe to the site just by clicking a button on your site.

#16 Create Backlinks from Authority Websites

If you are wise enough to create backlinks to your blog from other areas on the web where you have made the presence felt, it will be quite difficult to ignore your site by the potential web users. There are many social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumble Upon, Digg, etc., which can be used for creating links to your site. These links can give a clue about your site by pointing towards your posts.

#17 Adding Google Analytics to Track User Behaviour

As a blogger, you want to get all the information regarding the traffic to your site and Google Analytics makes it easier to track everything including user flow, bounce rate, time spent, geolocation of users on your blog. You will be able to understand when your blog site is receiving maximum visitors and how often the visitors are coming to your page and how many of them are leaving your page due to poor design or content, etc., using the analytics. You will be able to find who all are creating links to your blog and from where you are receiving maximum traffic etc using this monitoring technique. By using these analytical data wisely, you will be able to increase your traffic.

#18 Creating E-Mail List

When you have created an e-mail list, you have a consistent way to ensure repeat visitors to your blog. You will be able to avoid the dependency on external sources to create better traffic to your site. Moreover, you will be able to interact with the target audience more using this list.

#19 Adding Social Proof

Providing social proof for your popularity will naturally make other people interested in your work. If a visitor sees that there are at least more than 500 people subscribed to your blog or have a good number of Twitter followers, they are more likely to subscribe to your blog or to follow your posts.

#20 Update the Outposts Regularly

Though the blog site is your platform to express what you want others to read and understand, you need to have appropriate outposts made on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These outposts will increase the interaction with new readers. By updating the outposts you are showing your visitors or followers that you are committed to blogging and you will be able to provide some valuable information for bettering their life.