Vidya Balan and Her Top 5 Movies


Vidya Balan, who successfully completes 14 years in Bollywood this year, never made it easy here. She was not one of those conventional heroines who were very glamorous and were in the race of becoming size zero. With a background that was completely different from movies she had no one from the fraternity on whom she could rely. All she knew was that she was a power house of talent and was ready to work extremely hard. All of her movies are on Vidmate so that you can enjoy her performance just anytime and anywhere.

Her best performances are as under:

  1. Parineeta: This movie was a Vidya Balan’s debut movie and starred some really strong and known actors of the industry. With her very first performance on screen she had proved to the audience and the fraternity that she had arrived and was here to stay for a very long time. The Movie did a good successful business and is one of the finest acting’s by Vidya Balan. A perfect blend of shyness with the correct amount of sensuality her role in the movie is still very fondly remembered by her fans.
  2. Ishqiya: This movie saw Vidya Balan in a very Deceptive, Rustic and dangerous character. The movie starred Naseerudin Shah and Arshad Warsi. The chemistry between all the three was enjoyed immensely by the audience. This comedy portrayed Vidya in a very rural yet sensuous look.
  3. The Dirty Picture: This movie was released in the year 2011 and was the talk of town from the day it released. In case, you ever thought that seeing a girl in a bikini is only sexy, this movie would prove you wrong. Vidya played an extremely sensuous role in the movie and flaunted all her curves with great confidence, for which she was later praised. Her performance made a riot at the single screens as well as the multiplexes.
  4. Kahaani: One of the other great performances with a great story line was this 2012 release. This movie showed Vidya Balan as a wife who is in search of her lost husband, what was the surprise? The husband never really existed. The role-played was so convincing that no one could even think what the intentions of the character were till the very end of the movie. The movie did good business and was also critically acclaimed.
  5. Tumhari Sullu: It is a story of a housewife who is lonely and so busy with her kids and husband that she forgets herself and her dreams. Her only happiness comes from radio where she participates in various contests and wins them and then one fine day she finds an opportunity to become a radio jockey. This movie is filled with humour and light emotional moments and once again the character is so beautifully played that it proves how good a storyteller she is. This one is one of the movies you would love to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon with family.

We hope Vidya continues to surprise us with her amazing performances in the coming years till then download Vidmate to enjoy these videos in full HD. Movies can be downloaded at a very fast speed form this application.

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