3 Most Popular Computer Operating Systems and their Pros and Cons

Operating Systems

Whether you are using your computer for business, work or personal purposes, it is important to be aware that a computer operating system is basically, the brain of your computer. Your computer will be a lifeless and useless piece of gadget without an OS. You won’t be able to boot your computer, access the applications and programs, or in other words, you can’t literally do anything with your computer at all. So, for your computer to be functional, a computer operating system is highly important.

There are three most popular types of operating systems nowadays. Each has different features and their own share of pros and cons.

Windows OS

This is probably the most popular among the four and the most widely-used OS nowadays.

The Pros:

  • Massive Popularity. Just knowing that more people are using this OS makes a lot more users trust it more. It has also been tried and tested to be a good OS that computer users prefer it, still making it the highly recommended OS today.
  • User-Friendly. This OS is very easy to use. Even those users who are not that “techy” can easily use this OS with no problems.
  • Good Hardware Support. The popularity of Windows is just so great that computer hardware companies nowadays create and upgrade them in a way that it is compatible with Windows. This means that you won’t have any compatibility problems with it.
  • Games and Software. Windows has loads of software and games pre-installed on your computer compared to other OS.

The Cons:

  • Computer Requirements. The more the OS has to offer, the higher its computer requirements are. You may need a computer with more device memory, fast processor and large hard disk.
  • Closed-Source OS. Windows remains closed-source despite the rise of open source OS nowadays. One cannot easily tweak or apply troubleshooting because its source code can only be accessed by Microsoft.
  • Security Issues. Just as this is the most popular OS, this is also the OS that is easily attacked by viruses and malware because of its poor security. You’ll need to install your own security software to keep your computer protected.
  • Licensing Issues. There are times when you’ll find some of the products and software cannot be used because of licensing issues. You’d be annoyed of how you need to read long user license agreements and agree to it before the software can be used.


This is one of the most sophisticated OS nowadays, second to Windows in popularity.

The Pros:

  • Reduced Virus and Malware Risk. This may not be the most secure OS but compared to Windows, this gives a bit of protection to your computer.
  • Better User Interface. As mentioned, this is a classy OS and so when it comes to gaming and interface, you can count on this OS to give you the best experience.
  • Apple Compatible. All Apple applications work with this OS.
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The Cons:

  • High Cost. This is one of the most expensive OS not only in itself but also because of the high cost of MAC compatible hardware.
  • Not too Many Pre-Installed Software as Windows.
  • Poor Gaming Experience. MAC only offers a few games than Windows.
  • Hardware Upgrade Issues. It’s hard to upgrade hardware with MAC, especially if the upgrade is not compatible with it.


A lot of users use this OS nowadays too that’s why it is also catching up with the first two in popularity. Before we jump to the pros of this software, get to know about LAMP stack and the guide to install it via https://www.linode.com/docs/guides/how-to-install-a-lamp-stack-on-centos-7/.

The Pros:

  • This OS provides very good security for your computer. This is a good OS for businesses.
  • Pre- Installed software. Lots of pre-installed software you can enjoy.
  • Good Speed. Offers good speed when browsing.
  • It can work in any computer as well no matter what browser you use.
  • Open-Source. Troubleshooting has no problem because its code is open to all.

The Cons:

  • Apple and Microsoft applications don’t work with this OS.
  • Open Source. Just because it is open-source does not mean anybody can just do anything with it and that it is easy to use already. You’d still need a Linux pro especially for technical issues.
  • Not as user-friendly as the rest of the OS. Using this OS could give you enough reasons to get massage chair as it can be stressful trying to figure your way around.
  • Support Issues. Linux has poor technical support.

What is the Best Computer Operating System?

All of them can be the best and the worst. This is because the best computer OS actually depends on the users’ demands and priorities. Businesses usually use Linux because of the great security it offers. Others use MAC because they are Apple users. Still, some stick with Windows because of its user-friendliness.

At the end of the day, it really depends on your preference as well as whether you want to take the risk of learning new OS or stick with what you are used to.

Ganesh Kolekar is a graduate and geek. He is the man behind keeping the quality of the posts and manages the content part on the website.