5 Best Practices for Image SEO

5 Best Practices for Image SEO

Google algorithm has redefined the site evaluation process putting a focus on SEO works. If your site has not been upgraded following the SEO rules, page abandonment rates are high. Same way, image SEO is an important factor in enhancing the site visibility on Google. The top five best practices for image SEO are valuable for pro webmasters to increase the chance of taking a lead over rivals. Get a free guide on how to add text to a picture online.

Select the Right Format for Your Image SEO

 SEO works are the most important for a webmaster who has an e-commerce portal. For faster customer engagement and lead conversion, it is a must to improve the site using the best SEO. Image is always a highlighted domain for brand promotion. The proper display of any image exhibiting the products of the company attracts viewers. Therefore, you should improve the quality of the photos for publication on the site. The format for photos is vital. You have to select the best format which matches the SEO rules. You should be inventive in searching for the right photo posting template and format for a better exhibition online. For instance, for awesome photogenic quality, you can go for the PNG photo format.

Opt for Photo File Compression before Posting on the Site

 According to SEO experts, the overloaded server of Google is a serious concern for webmasters. The speed of the internet becomes slow to obstruct the page loading process. For this reason, experts recommend photo compression to have extra benefits. If you compress the photo files, it will be a micro document with less burden for the Google server. There is no problem with crawling on the site. So, try to upload the compressed photos on your site to avoid page rejection. TinyPNG, WP Smush, and TingPNG are the latest tools for auto photo compression.

Upload Best Images with Tailored Frame

 The extra large-size photo frame in the HD version is quite burdensome for your small site. The best images must be resized and cropped for the sake of image development. The pleasing photogenic effect is a booster for online viewers to accelerate the page ranking on Google. Well-tailored and properly cropped image increases the ratio of page hits. However, when you start image cropping, you must try to display the most highlighted portions of the photo. The less important objects in the photo frame should not stay firm. You must cut the unwanted junk elements to illustrate the image aesthetically.

No Plagiarism for Image SEO

 Images that you select for publication on your site to promote business should be original. That means, copied photo texts are trapped by the Google algorithm. Your site ranking will go down in the event of violating the copyright of the photographers. You should not opt for plagiarism and content copying. There are many free photo archives for you to have fast data access. These sites upload photos that are not unlawful. Skechers is ordered to compensate $2.3 million as a penalty charge for the violation of copyright. You should have legal permits or licenses to use the stock photos on the server.

Do Proper Image Naming to Avoid Confusion

 SEO masters are professional and competent. They have to improve the site visibility duration and brand consistency. Unknown SEO images without any proper identification mark seem to be useless for Google’s algorithm. You should rename your SEO image properly so that customers have no uneasiness to understand your product/brand. The meaningful keyword with the image file can be used for renaming. Google appreciates the SEO images that have unique names for easy identification.

There is another thing for you to remember for SEO image publication. You can’t post any junk or irrelevant photos or images to promote your site. In particular, adult-sensitive content with photos is not acceptable to Google. Sites will not get a response for the exhibition of such explicit and abusive photos. So, work hard to find the best SEO images with the proper format to boost the SEO ranking online.


Photo organization for posting on-site is valuable for you. There should be harmony to bring all photos in an arrayed order. Besides, SEO images must have perfect formats and sizes for easy viewing. Compressed photo files are lightweight materials for the server to take the load. Finally, only relevant SEO images with contextual keywords satisfy the higher authority of Google and online viewers. For faster lead generation and customer retention, you should prioritize the SEO image posting in a unique way.

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