5 Best Practices to Crop Images Online

5 Best Practices to Crop Images Online

Image cropping practice is necessary for developing the original digital photos. Resizing the photos online, you can do perfect zooming on different mobile handsets. Depending on the size of a computer screen, android home screen, and iphone, you should cut and trim the unwanted portion of the photos. This type of photo trimming is also called image editing or cropping. Here you will find the top five methods to crop images online.

Why Do You Need Image Cropping?

The image cropping practice is generally user-friendly for the sake of optimizing the quality of photogenic conditions. The extra large photo frame is not a fit for the small mobile phone. Therefore, you should edit the image by cropping for size alignment.

1st Method – Crop Image for Printable Size

To get printed copies of the digital image, you need proper photo cropping. It is one of the primary conditions for you to resize the photos. Generally, photographers follow these photo dimensions measuring 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 size. The preset frame for photo cropping is used by experts to make the images beautiful, maintaining aesthetic quality. However, there are no hard and fast rules for image cropping. You can increase the ratio of photo editing to crop the images online.

2nd Method – Image Cropping for Social Media Posting

The social media influencers are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For photo shooting for publication on these social media platforms, you should be aware of the permissible photo sizes. There are different ratios for photo frames. You should read the guidelines for photo posting on these popular social media channels. At the same time, photo resizing is another domain for photographers to manage issues at the time of photo editing. You can enlarge the small thumb-nail photos on the digital screen. Same way, the big-size HD version of a photo can be cut into the proper size without distortion. Photo resizing is also important for the editor to align the borders of the photo for proper display.

3rd Method – Keep Some Breathable Space in the Center of Photos

Image cropping online is a decent practice for you. The art of editing the whole photo frame is excellent for proving your talent. Well, during photo editing and cropping, try to remove junk elements accumulating some free-up space for vastness. For example, the distance between a man and a mountain in a screenshot should be balanced. The breathable space in the middle of the photo frame enhances the visual aesthetic. The bottle-necked position of different objects in the photo seems to spoil the adventure and charm. With hi-tech photo cropping and editing technology, it is possible to adjust the height and width of the photo. The photo cropping in a diagonal angle highlights the main subjects of the photo. This type of triangle image cropping practice is used for illustrating any long storytelling.

4th Method –Enhance the Photogenic Effect

Cinematic photogenic effects should be brilliant to make your photos presentable. Viewers want to see the artwork, colors, and expressions of various objects shot by the photographers. A pro photographer should concentrate on the primary objects ignoring the minuscule things. For example, to showcase parents with their children in a park, you need to crop the unwanted weeds and tree branches. Their bodies are not properly visible due to the thick bush. Crop the sightseeing and background setting to exhibit only primary characters.

5th Method- Focus on Photo Orientation

This is the last easy method of photo cropping for boosting up the positive visual impact. See, photos are often blurred due to improper frame orientation. That means the landscape photo frame seems to be less important compared to the portrait photo. You should change the photo frame from vertical to horizontal or vice versa for aesthetic appeal. The whole photo frame must have a qualitative look reviving the nostalgic essence. In this connection, you should check a few samples which are cropped artistically. Photographers place the grids on the photo frame following the rules so that there will be no scope for distortion. Keep the balance in the middle, and contours of the photo frame to reduce the uneven texture. Do proper photo dimension measurement. A photographer needs to trim and resize the photo frame without any error.


These five image cropping practices online help you resize your photos properly. Cropped photo frames are majestic with a perfect display of images. Finally, remember that photo frame alignment must be done perfectly. The improper cut and photo trimming can destroy the natural look of the photo. Choose the best cropping type for your image so that viewers have the inspiration to look back to check your photos again and again.

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