5 Emerging E-Commerce Trends to Pay Attention to in 2020


In an industry as fast-paced as online retail; reactivity and adaptability are golden traits. Experts have already predicted that the e-commerce sector will continue growing to new heights in the year ahead, as new technology and consumer habits continue to propel sales. If you want to keep your e-commerce business ahead of the curve in 2020, it is crucial to know what the newest emerging trends are within the sector. Read on to find out more about the emerging e-commerce trends you need to be paying attention to this year.

1. No More Snake Oil

Digital marketing and e-commerce experts seem to agree that dubious, clickbait-y messaging as an attempt to secure short-term sales will finally die in 2020. Using aggressive, even misleading headlines and messages in the race to secure clicks and purchases is not only anathema to loyal customers, but it also is becoming less effective. In 2020, successful e-commerce brands will focus on doubling-down on their core messages and ensuring total authenticity when it comes to customer engagement.

2. Online Reviews Over Social Networks

Once upon a time, it was believed that social media was the key to a successful trade. Few serious e-commerce insiders believe that to be the case now, with research showing that fewer and fewer people are willing to buy products they have seen on social media. Instead, the importance of positive and extensive online reviews is becoming more apparent than ever. To succeed in 2020, digital marketers will want to redirect their Twitter resources towards cultivating authentic, favorable online reviews.

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3. The Unstoppable Rise of Nicotine Products

Those looking at entering the e-commerce industry will want to consider the products that show the most promise. While there are many emerging sectors, the rise of nicotine products has been among the most rapid and substantial. Thanks in part to the massive popularity of vaping, e-commerce entrepreneurs are now realizing that nicotine products are the new gold rush. In 2020, look beyond vaping towards more niche nicotine products such as flavored, super-strong snus, which you can buy here, for example. Safe nicotine is back with a bang.

4. Voice Search is Everything

If you had guessed that shoppers were getting lazier, you’d be right. This widely held assumption has been further vindicated by recent projections which show that the market for voice-search enabled online shopping will increase twentyfold in the next two years, creating a $40 billion market. In addition, educated, affluent, and younger shoppers are significantly more likely to use voice search when looking for products, a key demographic for all retailers.

5. Total Personalization

Finally, 2020 will see the gradual personalization of e-commerce go into turbo drive. Thanks to increased data processing and the integration of machine-learning into cookies-driven ads, brand messaging has the potential to be completely tailor-made for each individual customer. Brands will be able to get ahead in 2020 by using consumer data to ensure that every ad experience is totally unique, increasing leads and engagement as a result.

Anyone looking to have a year of strong sales in 2020 should take these trends into account when putting together their strategy. Make sure to stay ahead of the game by following these trends.

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