Why Automation & Integration Are The Future Of Business?


We are living in the future that past generations could only imagine in fiction. Computer tablets, electric cars, artificial intelligence, video conference calls, cryptocurrency – the list goes on. It makes sense that in this day and age, businesses that don’t adapt run a serious risk of failure. That’s why automation and integration are the future of business. So if you own or manage a modern business you can’t afford to not consider these technological upgrades. In this useful article, we’re going to make a strong case for why you need to business software to automate, integrate, and streamline your outfit’s processes.

The Entire World is Online and They Are All Potential Customers

Did you know that nearly half the world’s population own a smartphone? And those that don’t are likely to have internet access via a computer. Every single person who is online right now is a potential customer. If your business is not taking advantage of e-commerce automation and integration then you are missing out of serious chunks of revenue. For example, automated marketing can boost sales by large percentages. A forgotten cart automated email is an example of this. If people abandon their shopping cart on your website, an email (perhaps with a cheeky discount code) gets emailed to them, which often results in a sale.

Snare Leads Earlier

Setting up an automated reply to your contact form on your website is a way to keep potential leads on the hook until they convert. Let’s say you run a painting company. A potential customer requests a quote on your website. They get an email immediately that reads like this:

Hi <name>,

Thanks so much for getting in touch with Paint Rite Solutions. We wanted to let you know that we’ve received your enquiry and one of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss your needs within 24 hours. We can’t wait to talk to you!


Paint Rite Solutions

This keeps the lead on the hook and may mean the difference between them choosing your company and a company that doesn’t have the automated reply.

Automated Call Back Reminders and Voicemail

Have you ever lost a potential client or customer because you’ve become snowed-under and forgotten to return a call on time or check your voicemail? Telephony systems can integrate with your IT systems to send you voicemails straight to your inbox, or trigger callback reminders promptly. Never miss a lead again with this streamlined automation and integration tech. You can also sign up for robocall service and automate the process completely.

Keep Would-be Customers Engaged

Not everyone who visits your website or contacts you will purchase your products or services right away. Yet neglecting these “not customers yet” is not a wise choice. They might be waiting for the right moment to buy, or they’re savvy customers and won’t shop without discounts. Keep them engaged by popping them on your mailing list and sending them useful content. Then, automate special offer emails every month or so – for example, a 10% discount to snare those savvy shoppers.

The Future of Business

The reason why integration and automation are the future of business is that they can help you to convert leads with minimal effort. This means increased revenue, and the time these processes free up can be spent on higher-level marketing, strategy and innovation. Those who fail to adapt will be left behind.

Summing Up

All your potential customers are online, so use marketing automation to take advantage of this and boost your sales. Automated replies add a nice touch and can keep leads interested for longer. Integrate your telephony with your computer systems to never miss a call or fail to return one. Keep would-be customers engaged with your business by sending them useful content and automating discount offers. Don’t get left behind as the market moves increasingly towards automation and integration.

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