5 Occasions When We Need To Send A Self-Destructing Note

If you need to share sensitive information in public, but don’t want the whole world seeing it, there are options like Privnote that will allow you to send encrypted messages that self-destruct after they’ve been read by the recipient. Take advantage of these 5 occasions when we need to send a self-destructing note and make sure your information remains private.

5 Occasions When We Need To Send A Self-Destructing Note

1) When You Want To Get Rid of Someone

Sometimes, we just want to be rid of someone. Whether they’re cramping our style or generally annoying us, sometimes we can’t handle being around certain people. A self-destruct note is perfect for that circumstance, because it doesn’t give us an opportunity to second guess our decision or even show regret once it’s been sent. Plus, it allows us to get on with our lives. No questions asked—and no judgment given! That said, if you do decide to send one out into cyberspace (or into real space), be careful about your wording. You don’t want your message to come across as threatening or mean-spirited. Also, keep in mind that if you send one out via email, recipients might have time to respond before their computer deletes your message.

2) For Legal Purposes

Sensitive information—bank account numbers, social security numbers, date of birth—can be vulnerable in your e-mail inbox. If you need to share sensitive data with someone but don’t want it floating around on their computer forever, sending a self-destructing note is for you. Self-destructing e-mails are automatically deleted from both sender and recipient mailboxes after they’ve been read (or after x amount of time), ensuring that no one else can access them.

3) For Embarrassment Situations

A self-destructing message is an easy way to eliminate any embarrassing situations, especially if you’re new in your career. If you don’t want to deal with questions like, What’s wrong? or What happened?, just send that person a self-destruct note. Don’t forget, it will automatically disappear from their inbox and can’t be forwarded or printed. Perfect for ending conversations gracefully!

If you ever sent a mass email but realized after hitting send that you had made a major mistake and wished you could take it back, sending a self-destruct email would have been very useful then for better customer experience. You won’t have to suffer through hours of apologies; just hit self destruct on your email and everything disappears—including all doubts about who was at fault. It also prevents other people from forwarding what they think are interesting parts of your conversation.

4) For Random Life Things

These days we all seem to live more and more of our lives on technology, whether it’s using cloud storage, filing taxes electronically or paying bills online. But there are still some instances when you need to use an old-fashioned physical pen and paper. In these cases, you don’t want your written words lingering around for too long.

5) For a New Experience

Try using one of these apps on your next date, before you meet up with friends, or anytime you need to quickly create a password. Remember that not all of these apps are completely secure, so make sure you keep them encrypted in case something happens. You can never be too safe! So go ahead, give it a try and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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