5 Product Design Tools Every Tech Innovator Needs


If you’re ready to take your tech product idea to the design stage, you’ll need to have a few product design tools at the ready. For innovator entrepreneurs, designing a product that solves a problem, or makes a solution better, is what it’s all about. The only downside is the actual design and production of the actual product.

Designing a product is anything but easy. It takes an innovative-mindset, determination, and time. You’ll also need to have electrical principles at the forefront. For example, if you are integrating LCD panels into your product’s monitor, you’ll need to source common mode chokes.

If you’re already lost, that’s not a problem. We have compiled a few product design tools every tech innovator needs. Let’s dive in!

1. Start researching via online tutorials

Even the experts began somewhere, and you’re lucky to have research materials at your fingertips. To begin your product design journey, you will need to start researching via online tutorials.

From LinkedIn Learning to Stanford University, the online material you can access is endless. The following are a few online resources that you can dig into before getting to the actual design stage.

  • com: Now LinkedIn learning, is a great platform to find all sorts of product design material. You can also check out the software development courses if you have a computer element to your product. They have a free month trial, so this can be affordable at the start.
  • YouTube: YouTube continues to be a great source for new product designers. Simply type in product design tips into the search bar and you are on your way to learning.
  • Stanford University: This prestigious university serves up the Ecorner Product Design lecture series by David Kelley. Kelley is a pretty famous product designer that you can learn from before starting your project.

There are certainly more online resources. The above can get you moving in the right direction. Get online and do your homework before jumping in feet first. This can save you a ton of money down the road, and save you from stress.

2. Invest in a 3D Printer

Having a 3D printer can make a world of difference when it comes to product design. There are definitely very expensive 3D printers out there. Like the Cube, for example. This printer can cost you a thousand dollars or more.

However, there are other 3D printers online that you can purchase at an affordable price. has some great options for tech innovators like yourself. You do need to research printers, read reviews, and other stuff in order to get the right printer for your product build.

3. CAD software is a must-have product design tool

When it comes to designing a product, having a computer aided design (CAD) software program at the ready is a must. CAD software lets you develop the schematics and computer model for your product.

Software can be a bit pricey, so you will need to do your homework to get a CAD software program that fits your budget. This is pretty much a non-negotiable purchase. In order to really have a professional design, you’ll need to invest in CAD software of some kind.

4. Blueprints are needed for product design fruition

To actually create your product, like the physical product, you will need to have a blueprint. If you have never created a blueprint before, it’s alright, because there are plenty of blueprint softwares available to tech innovators.

You can check out OpenDesk to start creating blueprints for things like smart home furniture products. OpenDesk also gives you the option to connect with designers to help you design your product blueprints. This can help you get quickstart.

5. Source ideas for your product on Pinterest

Social media is a great tool for product designers. Chances are, your product is not 100 percent unique. This is good, because you can get more inspiration for your design by checking out similar products on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a treasure trove of products people love and use daily. You have an idea, but why not make it better by doing some consumer research on social media? Check out “product design” and “industrial design” pins to get going.

In Conclusion . . .

From research to development, the above product design tools may serve useful for beginner designers. Remember, design and development of your product is a marathon, not a sprint. Strap in and take your time, because if your product doesn’t work well, you may lose interest in your market. What is your top design tool?

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