TTSPY Review: Monitor All the Phone Activity on Android and iPhone


Are you looking to track the activities of someone? Having trouble keeping with where they go and what they do? The TTSPY monitoring app is here to help you. You can get to monitor what someone is doing without physically interacting with them. Yes, the ultimate surveillance is brought to you by the TTSPY monitoring app. All you have to do is download the app and install it on the target phone you intend to monitor using a guided procedure.

Once done, you can begin to monitor all, yes, all the phone activity of the target on your smartphone or tablet/iPad. Whether you have an Android or an iPhone device you can get services of this amazing app. But just what is that you are going to monitor? What are the phone activities we are talking about?

In monitoring, you will determine the basic information on your target’s phone. These will include; who they are talking to, calling, where they have been, what kind of internet activity have they been indulged in. And to achieve this the TTSPY monitoring has in-store features to help you in monitoring. So, let us take a look at monitoring in these two types of the operating system on a smartphone.

Monitoring on Android smartphone

We will first take a look at monitoring phone activities on an Android smartphone. The monitoring activity will be facilitated by the following features upon installation;

  1. App messaging timeline – this feature will record app messages from your child’s smartphone. Also, you can view the system application as well as those installed on your target’s phone. Then you will be able to monitor the downloaded apps and running applications on the target’s device.
  2. Calls monitoring – here you get to have the most useful information; you can determine to whom calls were made and who called. This feature monitors the call logs on your target’s phone. You will be able to see the date and time of the calls as well as determine the kind of people and information is exchanged.
  3. SMS monitoring and messaging chats – this should a major requirement in your monitoring. You can virtually capture text messages that are sent or received that includes the contact names and phone numbers. Also, you can monitor your child’s social media; WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Skype among others.
  4. Browser history – you can monitor the websites that your child is visiting and searches made on his or her phone device. The list of sites visited and searches will be logged.
  5. Photos & images – the feature gives you can access all the images saved on the internal and external memory of the device.
  6. Videos and audios – get access to saved videos, audios, and conversations, download them to different storage on your device.
  7. GPS and location – Android smartphone spy use GPS positioning to depict the location of the target android phone. The location will be linked to the map in your web account and give you the path traveled and during what time. You can select the time interval you would like to know your target was.
  8. Keylogger – with this feature you can see everything that is being typed on the keyboard of the target device. The Android Keylogger(read more) lets you have a look at the search terms being used, drafted notes as well as passwords.

These are the most basic monitoring requirements you would need in your exercise. They offer pretty much all of the basic phone activities that everyone does. Now let us take a look at monitoring on iPhone devices.

Monitoring on iPhone

Well, an iPhone that pretty has some of the basic features that you can enjoy on an Android smartphone. However, operating with a system as unique, it has some other features that can only be found on devices with iOS. Also, understanding that iOS is a closed system with restricted system permission leaves out some of the monitoring features. Therefore, the iPhone device is uniquely featured to monitor other iPhone devices.

Like the Android smartphone spy, the iPhone spy has basic monitoring tools. You can monitor;

  • Text messages sent and received as well as getting to know who and from who by their contact name and phone number.
  • The call history – lists of people called from the contacts, received calls, the dates and time of the callings.
  • Location history – you can get to know where your target has been on which date as well as the time.
  • Contacts – you can monitor who is in the contact list on your target’s phone device.
  • Virtually monitor the installed apps as well as the phone on your target’s device.
  • Monitor drafted notes on notebooks; the phone diary of your child.
  • View the browser as well as the WIFI history of the phone.  Get to determine the websites visited and search conducted on your child’s iPhone device.
  • WhatsApp messages and conversations made for the contacts

iPhone spy will provide you with information on your target’s iPhone device. For example, you can get to monitor their iCloud account, password as well as the backups. For the iPhone spy, the TTSPY offers the users a great deal of monitoring when it comes to iPhones. Yes, who would have thought it possible to track an iPhone device? It is possible with the ultimate monitoring app; TTSPY.


You now understand that it is possible to monitor your target with either an Android or an iPhone device. How and what you can monitor, we have highlighted. The most important thing to note is that you will be monitoring their phone activities completely undetected. This implies your presence won’t be noticed, but you will be in the know of what they are doing. All through their phone activities. You will have every information that they see not fit to disclose or do in your presence. As a parent, you will know everything about your child.

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