9 Reasons why QuickBooks Hosting is the Best Accounting platform for all Bookkeeping needs

QuickBooks is a known name in accounting and is vastly preferred. It has been continuously evolving with time to meet the requirements of accounting practices, allowing accounting professionals to stay up to date.

However, hosting QuickBooks on the cloud is one such solution that has brought revolutionary changes in the usability of accounting practices when compared to traditional hosting. QuickBooks comes loaded with lots of features, and hosting the same on the cloud provides additional features that put the hosted QuickBooks on top of other accounting software.

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud makes a robust solution for accounting professionals looking for timely delivery and uninterrupted service.

Below are some of the reasons that make QuickBooks hosting the best accounting platform for all bookkeeping needs –

Real-Time Collaboration and Communication

QuickBooks, when hosted on the cloud, provides an opportunity for multiple users to work on the same file at a given point of time and collaborate successfully. Multiple users can view the exact version of the file, helping everyone be on the same page.

QuickBooks hosting helps in collaborating by creating a virtual workspace for all the work-related files. The business owner can provide access to the relevant employees and clients irrespective of their geo locations to the work file, thus making collaboration easy.

Scalable and Flexible Solution

QuickBooks hosting provides a scalable and flexible solution to accounting professionals and businesses as per their business requirements. The companies simply need to switch the plan instead of upgrading their in-house IT infrastructure. Hosting QuickBooks in the cloud with the help of Azure virtual desktop works on pay as you go model in which you only pay for services that you use instead of paying extra.

Cloud hosting allows businesses to easily upscale or downscale the required resources like RAM, storage space, etc., as per the requirement. Also, cloud hosting allows the addition and subtraction of users as per the requirements and chosen plan.

24*7 Customer Support

QuickBooks hosting on the cloud ensures round-the-clock technical support to the clients that help resolve any issues that may crop up. The issues related to migration, hosting, and backups are easily resolved over call or email.

The customer support provided by the QB hosting provider ensures the work is not hampered in case of any technical roadblocks. They offer technical support staff round-the-clock to keep the servers up and running at any given time.

Compatibility with third-party tools

With the world going digital, accounting software like QuickBooks hosted on the cloud provides an opportunity to integrate with numerous third-party tools on a single platform.

The integration of QuickBooks with third-party tools is easy and seamless in the cloud environment as there are no hardware integrations on the cloud. With all the relevant tools available on one platform, accounting professionals can achieve wholesome experience in accounting.

Business Expansion

Accounting with QuickBooks hosting becomes easy with a single platform for accounting practices and files, error-free calculations, payment reminders, and serving as a single source of data accuracy.

QuickBooks hosting allows the accounting firms to save time and effort in streamlining the processes as everything is implemented online and is tested and trusted. The businesses can use the time and efforts in strategizing the area of growth.

Work on the go

QuickBooks hosted on the cloud provides accounting professionals the flexibility to log in to the software from any geographical location at any given point of time, making it a work-on-the-go solution.

QuickBooks, hosted on the cloud, provides real productivity gain as the system is accessible over the internet at any time, allowing access to accounting data as per the timelines, taking off the location or office premises’ restrictions to accomplish the work faster productively.

Affordable Solution

QuickBooks, when hosted on the cloud, provides an affordable solution without compromising the quality and various cost-saving plans. A change in the plan can meet the changing requirements without the need to set up the new infrastructure. Since there is no in-house server installation, the IT team’s cost is reduced to a lot.

Also, it is the cloud service provider’s responsibility to maintain the server, further saving the cost of maintenance. Also, the maintenance of data backups on the remote server saves the cost of in-house backup maintenance.

Disaster Recovery

Accounting and financial data are valuable and need to be kept secure at all times. However, in case of a natural disaster, or an accident, all data may be lost due to physical harm to the servers, leading to severe downtime and loss of revenue.

QuickBooks cloud hosting provides a disaster recovery mechanism that can be used in case of a disaster or if data replication is required. Accounting data from QuickBooks is automatically backed up to multiple data centers, each in a different location. If one of the data centers is down, data can be restored from another location.

Accounting Data Security

Another risk to bookkeeping data comes from hackers and viruses. QuickBooks hosting solution ensures multi-level security implementation with the latest and updated anti-virus system, providing the best security for your data. This ensures that all of your information is completely safe from potential hackers, viruses, and malware.

Final Note

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud is a one-stop solution for all the bookkeeping needs. It provides uninterrupted services, enabling the accounting businesses to deliver the services to clients efficiently.