Are Envato themes worth the money for the consumer?


If you are also looking to buy high-quality website themes, WordPress plugins, graphic assets, royalty-free images, then Envato is all in one place for you. There are millions of products in diverse categories which you can buy. Not only this, you can use this to create a unique website and also to power up a designing project. Are you even aware of the wide variety of word press themes present in the Envato market? They are in the thousands. Envato is the largest marketplace for all website owners with many themes, plugins, and many more things. It depicts the products from the top-rated developers. With this, there are lifetime updates and customer support.

Envato is the best place to find themes and plugins you need if you are also looking to build a technology website, blog, or e-commerce portal. Besides this, the Envato market also sells video effects, royalty-free music, logo designs, fonts, and many more things. This is done so to build a professional quality website quickly. To get regular updates, many online marketplaces may seek annual payments. So if you want to use your products forever, then a one-time investment is enough. Let us now make you aware of the most popular themes in the Envato market and Envato market review.

Themes on Envato market 

The most selling themes on the Envato market include:

Avada- There are 67 pre-designed templates and tons of features to customize your website. No doubt that Avada is a great WordPress theme builder. For all your pages, there are stunning layouts like for your homepage, portfolio posts, single posts, archives, search results, and many more. It is a quick way to give your site a fresh look and launch it in a few minutes.

If you are looking forward to designing it from scratch, you can do so by resorting to this. There are nearly 70 design elements in this to give you control for creating your website. Also, you can customize anything from the header to the footer.

X the theme- With more than 212K downloads and positive reviews, it is the second most selling WordPress theme. To create any website using drag and drop elements, use it as a powerful theme builder. Its workspace is divided into two sections. One is the work area, while the other is the preview area, and it has a stunning theme for businesses, e-commerce portals, entrepreneurs, and apps. There are also integrations, unlimited content elements, and WordPress plugins.

Enfold- Another popular theme on the Envato is the enfold. There is no such theme as fast and responsive as this one. Here, either you can use a pre-designed template or build your one with dozens of elements available. There cannot be an any better theme if one is looking forward to building slideshows, sidebars, and portfolio pages.

Famous WordPress plugins 

Slider revolution- The number one was selling WordPress plugin is the slider revolution in the Envato market. You can create beautiful sliders, page headers, content modules with the help of a visual builder, and effective add ons. It is a type of asset for companies as well as web designers.

wpbakery page builder- As you design, it lets you design your pages like that. It is another best-selling WordPress plugin. It is easy to use the drop and drop editor. You can use this on your mobile also, and it is fast-paced. Also, there are multiple editors at the backend.

Advantages of Envato market 

There are some advantages of using the themes from the Envato market. Here are some of the benefits of buying premium themes from the Envato marketplace.

Infinite updates- For all the products they bought, Envato customers will get unlimited and lifetime updates. But as far as the other marketplaces are concerned, then this is not the case with them. They ask for regular payments from you if you want frequent updates. Consequently, you can use the Envato products forever without any risk of security.

Huge variety- As far as it is about the type, Envato has a vast collection of WordPress themes and plugins. As a result, it is not difficult for people to find the product that matches your requirements. This is so because the products have to go through several quality checks coming in their way and are safe to use.

The people can easily afford the regular price- All the products available at Envato. People can easily buy the premium theme from the Envato market. As far as it is about the plugins, then these are available from $6 onwards. Besides this, the other products are also available at cheap rates.

Designer products- Apart from all the advantages mentioned above, all the products available at the Envato market are designer products. Everything you need to complete a world-class project, you are sure to find here. Designer products here include codes, photos, graphic effects, video templates, logos, and many more things.


After looking at such vast themes, it is right to say that the money invested in this is worth it. Envato market review is also good, which increases its worth.

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