A Guide to Finding Work in the Tech Industry in 2022

The technology sector is still thriving, even in the wake of the pandemic. The industry has gone from strength to strength since the introduction of digitization practices in the manufacturing industry. Industrialists have come to refer to the mass digitization of devices and goods as “Industry 4.0,” and now is the best time ever to get a foothold in this booming industry.

We took a look back at the growth of the tech industry in the last few years, just to prove our point. Later in this article, we will cover some fool-proof methods of breaking into the tech industry to start your new career.

Tech is a Growth Industry

Tech careers are valuable assets right now and that will only continue into the future. Tech innovation drives production boosts and new ways of trading. Getting in on it now with a little remote learning could be all it takes to set yourself up as a future innovator. But just how big is the tech sector?

In the UK, the government reported a 2.3 x growth in tech investment. This is the highest since 2013. Digitization and product innovation through the application of new technologies takes growth spurts every few years. Every time we add a breakthrough tech to the list, it encourages new research. This is how humankind has advanced itself through the generations. According to Statista, the global growth rate for emerging tech is over 108%. If you are looking to retrain this year, tech is the industry you ought to look into.

How to Land a Career in Tech?

Unfortunately, technology isn’t the kind of career you can take on without some level of study. We recommend a basic degree in computing and then additional software systems or specializations in robotics or AI as a minimum. The good thing about a tech career is that you can start with basic computing and work up your experience with every additional system you learn. 

Another good thing about computing and tech careers is that there are specialist sites that will help you find work. take a look at Hays Technology Jobs as a good example. You’ll see that you can browse for UK-based tech jobs here, but that you can also upload your own CV. This means you can hunt for jobs, or employers can hunt for you.

Once you do have your qualifications, entering an IT role is a good starting point. It will use your skills and teach you new ones. The only warning is that you don’t stay in the same place too long or you risk stagnation. As an IT and tech professional, your worth is based on the programs you understand. Staying in the same place for a prolonged period means you’re not learning anything new. If you feel yourself stagnating, go back to the job search sites and look for a stepping stone. 

Keep advancing, and one day you will be a driving force behind Industry 5.0. 

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