Best Love Songs For 2018 – Top 16 Most Romantic Songs For All Time

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    Love could be in the air for you in 2018. If that mushy, cute feeling has started to grow, why don’t you listen to some beautiful love songs to enjoy it a little more? Here is our list of the best love songs that you should be listening to in 2018.

    Best Love Songs For 2018

    #1 – I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston

    No song can capture the feeling of love quite like this one. Featured in the movie ‘The Bodyguard’ this song has everything that a true classic needs. It features the powerful and soulful voice of Houston as she sends chills down your spine singing ‘I will always love you’ and then adopts a soft, whispery voice almost like magic. This song makes you want to run into the arms of your beloved. Such is the power of this composition.

    #2 – When a Man Loves a Woman- Percy Sledge

    Though the song has an equally good composition sung by Michael Bolton, the original composition by Percy Sledge always takes the cake. It is beautiful, rustic and so soulful that you would like to lose yourself in the music and the words. Hear it once, and you will want to sing it for someone you really love. The song is a beautiful composition that will resonate in your mind every step of the way.

    #3 – Annie’s Song- John Denver

    This song is probably one of the most beautiful folk compositions on love. The peaceful and lovable voice of John Denver makes this song a must hear for anyone who has ever been in love. Though it has been years since the song was made, it still has the power to move mountains. When Denver sings ‘you fill up my senses’ or says, ‘come let me love you’, you know you have found the perfect song to dedicate to your sweetheart.

    #4 – I Knew I Loved You- Savage Garden

    With a name that doesn’t sound that romantic, Savage Garden managed to produce a song that is loved by everyone. This song is dedicated to everyone who has been in love and feels that they have known their sweetheart forever. There comes a time in every love story, where you both just know that you are made for each other and will be together for eternity. This is the song that will suit the occasion.

    #5 – Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Garden

    The song can capture the most beautiful and innocent feeling of love. ‘I want to stand by you on a mountain; I want to bathe with you in the sea’ is the kind of lyrics you would like to dedicate to your high school love. The poetic perfection of this song makes it great for people in love. It has received many renditions over the years, but none quite match up to the magic created in the original.
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    #6 – Remember When- Alan Jackson

    If you have spent years together and still feel madly in love with each other, this is the song that you should be listening to. ‘You were the first, so was I’ and ‘Remember when I was young, and so were you, and time stood still, and love was all we knew’ just makes you cry. This song is for people who have a lifetime of memories to talk about. However, the emotional appeal of this song is so strong that it will make you cry at least once.

    #7 – You’re still the one- Shania Twain

    Have you ever really loved someone if you have never listened to this song? The country track is so melodious and beautiful that you could forget about working (or doing pretty much anything else except thinking about your love) and simply listen to it on repeat. Twain’s voice is beautiful and sensuous, and she knows just when to hit the right notes when she sings ‘you’re still the one I run to, the one that I belong to’. Nothing is better than this song when you are cozying up with your love.

    #8 – Hero- Enrique Iglesias

    This song is the absolute best when it comes to a man’s emotions and feelings. The sexy Enrique pours the sensuality of his voice into this song and makes you feel as if you are in paradise. The lyrics like ‘I can be your hero baby, I can take away the pain’ and ‘would you tremble if I kissed your lips’ can make you long for your loved one. It can even make you cry.

    #9 – Need You Now- Lady Antebellum

    If ‘Hero’ didn’t make you cry, this one surely will. Need You Know puts the pangs of love into perspective and gives you a terrific duet composition that will bring those tears to the surface. The song deals with heartbreak and separation and is one of the most beautiful songs of this genre. Lyrics like ‘it’s a quarter after 1, I am all alone, and I need you now… said I wouldn’t call but I lost all control and I need you now’ can put even the strongest people on their knees.

    #10 – Only You Can Love Me This Way- Keith Urban

    This country melody with the velvety voice of Keith Urban will make you blush. If you are a man and are thinking about a song to dedicate to your sweetheart, choose this one with closed eyes. ‘We were meant to be together, that’s why’ and ‘when I say it’s forever, you understand that you’re always in my heart ‘talks about an innocent kind of love that we only get to feel once. This song is for everyone who has been in love.

    #11 – Grow Old with You- Adam Sandler

    How can anyone not love this song? This song is filled with the beautiful feelings of love, warm emotions and can make any person blush. This song is a staple at many weddings and gives many people life goals too. The Wedding Singer was a movie everyone loved, but it reached its height when Sandler went all out on an airplane singing this song for Drew Barrymore. The reactions on her face were priceless too. Your lady could also feel the same way if you sing this song with lyrics like ‘I’ll get you medicine when your tummy aches, build you a fire when the furnace breaks’ will make her so happy, she will cry.

    #12 – When You Say Nothing at All- Ronan Keating

    As beautiful as this song is, it has many renditions, but the one by Ronan Keating is by far the most beautiful and soul-touching of them all. You don’t always have to say words when you want to show your love. Sometimes, it would be better for you to express your love differently and this song is about those times. ‘The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me wherever I fall, you say it best when you say nothing at all’ is the kind of lyrics everyone would love to hear, and it will be hundred times more effective if you sing it yourself.

    #13 – (I Just) Died in Your Arms- Cutting Crew

    Rock songs that talk about love have always had a wider audience, and this one just happens to break all boundaries of the genre. Whether you love rock music or not, this song will make you feel heartbroken in an instance and give you hope too. ‘I keep looking for something I can’t get, Broken hearts lie all around me

    And I don’t see an easy way to get out of this’ are the kind of lyrics you should expect from this song. The song makes your heart melt and will certainly do you good if you choose to listen to this instead of crying in your bathtub.

    #14 – Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol

    When you are in love, there is a weird sense of quiet that takes over your mind. This song talks about that feeling. ‘If I lay here if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world’ is the most stunning lyrics of this song, but there are a lot many lines like this. The song works like healing rhythm to the heart.

    #15 – (Everything I Do) I Do It for You- Bryan Adams

    If you were brought up in the late 90s and early 2000s, you probably fell in love a couple of times listening to this song. It features the beautiful and rustic voice of Bryan Adams as he tells the woman of his dreams that he does everything he can for her. It is slow and soft, and it melts your heart like butter in one go.

    #16 – Just Another Day- Jon Secada

    Have you ever thought about a song that you can dedicate to your loved one who has gone away? This is the song you were looking for. The song features standout lyrics like ‘I can’t resist, try to find exactly what I missed, it’s just another day without you.’ It is a song that will stay stuck in your mind for a long, long time.

    These were some of our favorite love songs that you should be listening to in 2018. Do you have any other favorites that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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