Top 15 Best Horror Movies Available on Netflix Right Now 2023


2023 will be the year of amazing movies. Do we still have a doubt about that? We don’t. This year, there will be many best horror movies fighting for your attention with their unique themes and stories.

Best Horror Movies 2023

If you love horror movies and enjoy watching the deeds of the supernatural, here are a few films that you must watch in 2023 on Netflix.

#1 Insidious: The Last Key

Best Horror Movies - Insidious: The Last Key

The films in the Insidious franchise have brought about some of the best horror movie moments for the viewers. In January 2018, you will be treated to a new installment of Insidious. This movie will follow Dr. Elise Rainier fighting the demons. However, this time, she will be facing them right in her childhood home this year. Matters will get personal for Dr. Rainier as she works on the most fearful demons in her career.

The movie stars Lin Shaye and will release on January 5, 2018. Get ready for an early treat for your eyes this year. It will take a break from the typical Insidious themes but will keep thrilling you nonetheless.

#2 The Nun

The Nun

Valek, a nun-like demonic entity featured in Conjuring 2, will be getting its own film this year. Slated for release on Friday, July 13th, 2018, this movie will be shedding more light on the fresh new face of terror. The movie is set in Rome where a priest will be investigating the death of a nun under mysterious circumstances. If you want more of the terrifying demon, this is one movie you should watch. It will star Bonnie Aarons, Taissa Farmiga, and Dimian Bichir.

#3 Carrie


You better not be watching this movie if you are going to attend prom soon. It brings one of the most disturbing prom scenes in the history of movies to your screen. Carrie is based on a Stephen King novel. Expect some real horror and suspense teasing you till the last moment of this feature film. The movie is about Carrie White, a young girl who is suffering cruel high-school pranks, issues related to menstruation and tries to survive in a world full of people who are always making her feel small with their cruel and almost sadistic behavior. She has minor telekinetic powers too. As the film unfolds, you will know why Stephen King’s novels or films based on them should never be taken lightly.

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#4 A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The Wes Craven classic is always a treat to watch for horror movie fans. The dream-invading serial killer is killing young kids. While the teenagers are trying to find the reason they are chosen, a young girl is still trying to stay awake to avoid her end. This is one of the most epic slasher themed horror movies of all times. In fact, Freddy Krueger has become a symbol of the horror genre ever since the film’s release in 1984.

The movie will get another reboot in 2018 (most likely). It has a 2010 version as well. However, if you want a good taste of vintage, low budget slasher movies, there is nothing better than the 1984 original.

#5 Conjuring 2

Conjuring 2

If you are a horror movie fan, you must have seen Conjuring 2, the spine-chilling tale of a single mother, her children, and a young girl haunted by the most malevolent demon we have seen on the single screen. Starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, the movie is set in England where Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to help a troubled mother. The movie is based on real-life accounts of Ed and Lorraine Warren and the most documented paranormal case of their lives. If you want to be scared of a complex plot and truly horrifying details of a real paranormal case, there is nothing like this movie.

#6 Winchester


Sarah Winchester is a familiar name to everyone who explores news about haunted houses, sightings, and paranormal events. Her mansion, eerie and with a scary backstory, has a legendary status of its own. Sarah Winchester kept building her mansion for most of her life, with builders and carpenters working countless shifts. Sarah believed that the ghosts of people hurt by her family’s firearms business haunt her and they will cease to do so if she only keeps building her mansion. It has endless corridors, rooms and hallways and a fabulous potential for a modern horror flick.

#7 Conjuring


You knew that this movie will be featured on this list, didn’t you? The first film of the Conjuring series introduced us to Ed and Lorraine Warren, played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. A family moves to a new home that is haunted by unfriendly spirits. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, any more details will give the plot away. We suggest you watch this one and Conjuring 2 on a lonely Saturday night for added effect.

#8 Psycho


While horror movies were being made even during the silent era, it was Psycho that truly implanted the idea of horror in the minds of many audiences. Though the movie is infamous for its shower murder scene, there is so much more to this well-crafted tale. Plus, it comes with a twist ending which is enough to make you remember the flick for a long time. Trust us, the movie hasn’t earned a name for anything. There is substance behind all that hype.

#9 Abruptio


The horror genre is developing slowly over time and bringing elements of other genres in. Abruptio brings thrill and suspense into horror stories with its unique storyline. An average guy gets an implant in his neck one day. The best thing about this movie that makes it exciting as well as creepy is the fact that the movie is featuring life-sized puppets. If you feared the ventriloquist as a kid, this one is definitely for you.

#10 Slender Man

Slender Man

This internet sensation, Slender Man, is a tall and faceless creature that stormed the internet in 2009. Created by Eric Knudsen, the Slender Man will be making a movie debut in 2018, right from Creepypasta. Slender Man’s plot details are not yet known but we are sure that the horror movie genre will be getting a great upgrade with this new mythical, supernatural character.

#11 The Witch

The Witch

With the horror movie genre exploiting the same tropes for years, The Witch will bring a refreshingly new experience for you. This 2016 movie builds up horror very slowly and gives you an exciting new genre experience. This movie is based on an old formula- a family facing troubles on their farm. However, it brings a visually striking movie to you. Based in 17th century New England, this movie will bring you period horror in a brand-new way. Worth a watch by anyone who loves the genre.

#12 Deep Red

Deep Red

This Italian horror flick is a must watch for everyone who is a true horror movie fan. Dario Argento is known for gore and excellent camerawork in horror movies and this is exactly what you should be seeing in this movie. If nursery rhymes haven’t sounded scary to date, they probably will become terrifying to you once you watch this movie. Deep Red is credited for having sparked off many slashes movies, but the 1975 movie remains a classic. American horror movies take a bow to masterpieces like Deep Red.

#13 Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Evil Dead was a masterpiece in its own right. However, the sequel to the movie turned out to be better than the original. This movie came with special effects that would send chills down your spine. Evil Dead 2 tries to redefine indie moves, especially the gore sub-genre. One thing you should note about Evil Dead 2 is that it provides comic relief and adds gore in between as well. Not for the faint of heart for sure.

#14 It follows

It follows

If you are looking for something refreshingly terrifying, It Follows is the right movie for you. The movie has everything that a modern horror story should entail. A teenage girl finds her experiencing nightmares after a sexual encounter that leaves her scared. Some critics believe that the movie is about HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted infections following teenagers have given its theme. However, some others believe that the movie is about dreams and nightmares.

#15 Halloween


This is one solidly made movie that helped in defining the horror genre. It is thrilling and captivating and always keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The plot of the movie is different from anything you have seen. There is a man who escapes mental prison after spending 15 years in captivity. He intends to go back to his hometown and wreak havoc. He has a dark past behind him- killing his sister on a Halloween night. The movie is a chilling tale that teases throughout its runtime and brings a very special horror experience.

How many movies on this list have you watched or planning to watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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