Best Mac photography apps

Editing photos on a Mac is always handy because these tools are very helpful and the Mac platform offers excellent optimization. But the question is, what editing and photo apps should you use? You can check the BacklightBlog for more information on how to perform these changes, and you can also narrow down great apps via this list!

Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a great tool that uses AI and which can help automate a lot of different photography tasks. It’s complex, you have cloning, transforming and layering, but also noise reduction or color correction. Since it offers a mix of simple and more challenging features, it’s an exceptional tool everyone should try.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Since Adobe Photoshop is the gold standard in photo editing, using Adobe Photoshop Elements on a Mac can be a great idea. It’s not as powerful as the complete Adobe Photoshop version, but it gives you access to all the necessary features while still being easy to implement and use. You can also automate many tasks, and it works great on MacBooks too.


Darktable is not basic, despite being an online editor. It has many professional features similar to Lightroom, and it can work with RAW files, not just JPG or general files. Yes, the interface can be improved, but it’s a very good editing tool for Mac, and one that everyone will like using.


With Pixelmator you can easily create and customize any painting or image you want. You get a large collection of tools that even helps with vector graphics, painting, adding effects and so on. Each one of the Pixelmator tools are very efficient, and you can easily bring your great image vision to life with it. There is a free trial too.


GIMP is free, and it doesn’t have the best optimization for Mac when compared to native tools. Yet it’s a tool anyone can access, and it’s a free Photoshop alternative for Mac. You will encounter a few bugs here and there, yet it’s so complex and with great features that you will find it a genuinely, good and powerful tool everyone should use.


Fotor is multiplatform and many like it thanks to its rather intuitive interface. It doesn’t have very complex features, like cloning or retouching. But if you need to add effects, adjust, crop or modify some textures, it will do just fine.


Picktorial’s main role is to give you some of the top methods you can use to fully customize your photos in a powerful way. It’s available as a monthly subscription or a one time purchase. It looks great, and it also has a comprehensive system in place to help enhance how you work with these tools.

It never hurts to have some great photo editing tools for Mac, especially if you need to make some slight changes. Some of the best photo editors have a version for Mac OS too, so it all comes down to testing and seeing which one of these apps fits your editing style. All of them are exceptional and with a great reputation, some are even free of charge!


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