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Viber is one of the powerful apps that is used as an instant messaging app all around the world. There are some countries or parts of countries where people prefer Viber over any other instant messaging chat app because of many reasons. One of the reasons is that it offers catchy features and quality service. Nowadays free instant messaging using the wifi or internet service is preferred over the cellular text message service. As they offer attractive stickers and emoticons, quality audio and video call service and other group chat features, etc. So the use of instant messaging chats like Viber is common these days and is more famous in the young generation especially teenagers. These instant messaging chats are not only used for personal use like contacting friend or family but it is also used for official communication in different working sectors as well.

So to keep up with the new trends and modern technology it is necessary to know about these chat apps and their use. For example, if you are a parent of a teenager then you must know that how important is to have a know-how of these instant messaging apps and other social media platforms. Because teenagers are always busy on their smartphones sending emojis, having group chats, etc. And in this digital world, it is the responsibility of the parents to assure the digital safety of the teenagers. Similarly, the use of the instant messaging app for only official purposes is allowed during working hours but wasting time in useless chatting is forbidden and employees must follow the rules. If not then we are here to provide you with a simple solution. Use Viber screen recorder OgyMogy Spy app.

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Know About Your Teen’s  Chats and Discussions:

Online chat services are commonly used by teenagers so keep an eye on the chat and discussion of your teen with a Viber screen recorder. Users have complete remote access to all the incoming and sent text messages. So keep up with your teenager’s life interests and discussions with a Viber screen recorder.

Have Access To The Audio And Video Call log:

Viber screen recorder of the OgyMogy allows the user to have access to the audio and video call log of the target person so know about the call details and make sure no one approaches your teenager with an evil plan. Keep them safe from any bully or stalker and keep an eye on the media content shared through the Viber app service.

How Viber Screen Recorder Works:

The Viber screen recorder feature of the spy app records all the Viber activities of the target person with complete timestamp information. These screen recordings are then uploaded on the web portal of the OgyMogy spy app. Users have complete remote access to the web portal without any time restriction. So you can check the recording of the Viber screen recorder of all the activities of the teen or any target employee with much ease.

The app offers other social media and instant messaging chat app monitoring features as well like Facebook screen recorder, Instagram screen recorder, Snapchat spy app, WhatsApp spy app, Line screen recorder, YouTube screen recorder, and many more. OgyMogy offers other features under parental control and employee monitoring product as well. That includes location tracking, screen recording,  camera bug, track internet browsing history, and many more. Moreover, the major benefit of using the app is that it offers separate versions for Mac and Windows users. So try the Mac or Windows spy app version and monitor the laptop or tablet of the target person. For monitoring through smartphone try the android version of the OgyMogy spy app.

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The installation process is very simple and easy. Moreover, OgyMogy offers features in the form of a bundle. Users can freely select the bundle that contains most of the desired features. So select the bundle, get it installed by following easy and simple steps, and you are done. One important thing to mention here is that the user needs to physically access the target device whether the laptop, tablet, or smartphone just for once at the time of installation. Other than that, OgyMogy offers remote access to the target device.

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