5 Reasons Countries Legalizing Cannabis

The global cannabis testing market is a strong sentence in many western countries, and it is a popular substance for drug addicts. You may have seen Hollywood & western celebrities openly smoking cannabis, which may seem, but it has a dark side to it. Many state governments in different parts of the USA are legalizing a few forms of drugs, and it might sound dubious, but there are many contributing reasons behind it.

What is Cannabis?

Firstly, we have to understand the “cannabis market” and understand how it is influencing the world. Cannabis is found in ancient times like China & India, and it is present in the system since 512 AD. Many Indian people used the plant in food and drinks, and bhang (drink) is still popular in India. However, the culture changed in the 1990s and replaced the plant-based drink with something else later down the line after learning the side effects & shortage of it. The centuries of science & technology development has allowed the empire & government to understand the adverse impact on the citizens. You have to keep in mind that restrictions & permanent ban did not come randomly. We are going to look at a number of reasons behind cannabis legalization.

  1. Money Wastage

The government was spending a lot of money on the police department to track down the sellers & buyers. There is a series of prosecution for the culprits for possessing marijuana and it increased the budget of the state. The state government was losing money on a daily basis for arresting & prosecuting the general public. The finance ministry wanted to make smart decisions on minimizing capital usage and slow down the crime at the same time. The state government looked into once a decade record on how much they were successful in decreasing marijuana possession and selling activities. Unfortunately, American state police reported that the rise has spiked over the years but never decreased.

  1. Cannabis Testing Market

You may have heard about the cannabis testing market and it is expected to grow $1 billion by the end of 2020. There are reports emerging that predict an increased rate of up to 11% or $2 billion. Asia is the fastest-growing geographic market and it is predicted to grow the revenue exponentially. Many believe that it has deep roots in the history of Asia countries China & India. Both countries have a history of intoxication habits and practices for a millennial. These countries may legalize cannabis for recreational use and medicine. Indian & China has a history of developing medicines from herbal & ancient methods.

  1. Decriminalization

Many US states like Nevada, Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, etc allowing usage of marijuana for individuals older than 21. The state has imposed laws that will prevent the young ones to engage in the activities. You can consider it as smoking, tobacco, and alcohol restrictions, where it is allowed in society but to certain limits. Of course, you cannot go out and buy whatever amount from a random seller because the police department can arrest you. You have to consult local jurisdictions for further information because it varies from one region to another.

  1. Medicine

Cannabis is a substance that can ease neuropathy & brain pain, but it should be used carefully to avoid damage. Every medicine in the world should be taken as prescribed to avoid damage and the marijuana plant is the same. Many US states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes only like Montana, Utah, Oklahoma, Arizona, Florida, etc. If you are caught selling or using for personal use, then you can be prosecuted in many states, so be careful. You have to keep in mind that drugs are present in many modern medicines, and they are monitored for health purposes.

  1. Decriminalization

Many citizens found in the states for marijuana possession, which devalues the police department. The state government has a responsibility to win the trust of people, and the justice department, police department, and other legal departments play a crucial role in it. The government wants the people to believe in them and the justice system for good. Local jurisdictions have the authority to deny or stop legal sales within the borders.

Bottom Line

The cannabis market is increasing around the world, and Canada & Uruguay are the only countries in the world, who have fully legalized marijuana. Medicine is a strong point, but we don’t see any other reason to legalize cannabis because it has created chaos historically.