Best ways to convert mp4 videos to MOV format


There are many file formats of videos. Media players is designed and developed for supporting wide range of video formats. However there is some format that faces some issues while playing the videos. It happens especially with quick time players when user tries to watch mp4 videos. Quick time player faces issues while playing mp4 videos. In order to watch mp4 videos in quick time media player one must convert MP4 to MOV format using video converter software tools. They can also be converted easily through online video converter websites as well. The best ways to convert mp4 to MOV format is through Wondershare UniConverter software.

Difference between MP4 and MOV video formats

The main difference between MOV and MP4 format is that MOV is used for Mac operating devices. It is proprietary apple file format for quick time player.Mp4 is the most common and widely used video format worldwide. If you consider the compression ratio that determines the quality of video then MOV video format is inferior to MP4.

Features or specification MP4 MOV
Developed  by International Organization for Standardization Apple Inc.
Open format Yes No
Internet media type video/mp4 video/QuickTime
Compression ratio Superior Inferior
Extended From QuickTime File Format and MPEG-4 Part 12 To MPEG-4 Part 12

Parameters we should take care about while converting mp4 to MOV

One must know specific parameters that affect the quality of audio and video for the conversion of video file format from one to another. The interchanging of the files might reduce the quality of sound as well as video. Hence we should take care of the following parameters:-

  • Aspect ratio:-Aspect ratio is the ratio of the height and width of the image that is displayed on the screen. The screen size of devices may vary from one to another, and the aspect ratio of the video should be considered during conversion. If the aspect ratio is not adjusted correctly, then the output video will not be compatible for watching.
  • Screen resolution:-The resolution of the screen determines the height and width of the screen on a particular device. If the screen resolution is not adjusted correctly, then output video after conversion of mp4 to MOV.
  • Bit rate:-Bit rate is the most important factor that determines the transition rate of the video. Faster bit rate means a quick transition, and less bit rate means slower video transition.
  • Audio/video quality:-The primary purpose of changing the video format is to make it compatible for media players keeping the superior video or audio quality.

 How to convert mp4 to MOV format using Wondershare UniConverter?

Go to the official website of Wondershare to download and install Wondershare UniConverter software.

  • Once the installation is complete, double click the Wondershare icon from the desktop and click add files.


  • Upload the video from the local drive of the computer or desktop. Then select MOV from the list of video formats.
  • Customize the output video settings like bit rates, frame rates, aspect ratio, resolution, etc. and then click on the convert button.


We hope the above information is useful to those who are facing issues while watching videos on quick time player. Downloading of the software should be done from a trusted and authentic website so that there is no risk of malware or adware.


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