9 Stunning House Plants For Any Decor


Plants are a very classy and lively way to add charm to your house decor. There can be no better way than adding plants to your house to de-stress your life and feel energetic the moment you step inside. Shop for some beautiful vases for the below mentioned 9 stunning house plants, and you can use HotOzcoupons coupon codes for great deals and discounts!

#1 Ti Plant

Nothing other than Ti plant can add contrasting colour to the interiors of your house. With purple foliage and streaks of blazing pink, it looks stunningly gorgeous and smoking hot. It doesn’t require too much water but make sure you keep it in a place where it receives enough of both direct and indirect light.

#2 Aloe Vera

Apart from being a beautiful plant, aloe vera is also filled with inflammatory properties, healing properties and is also very beneficial as a beauty remedy. Aloe vera plant also helps in maintaining the air quality of the room and thus, keeps your house beautiful and fresh. With the minimum water requirement and maximum need for sunlight, it is the best plant for your indoors. Check this collection for best indoor house plants.

#3 Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm- a stunning addition to any decor! Here’s another reason to bring it home – it has very low maintenance. With low watering needs, it ensures easy care. Also, the need to re-pot this plant is very low as it grows slowly.

#4 Snake Plant

For a house that doesn’t have a space offering immense sunlight, the perfect plant is the snake plant. Every busy family environment finds its ideal partner in this plant that requires very little care and attention. It also enhances quality sleep by boosting the quality of air.

#5 Croton Petra

Looking for an easy plant to raise? Croton Petra is what you should put your eyes on. It is a bold and beautiful plant with an enchanting mix of bright colours like orange, amber and yellow. Low maintenance makes this stunning plant a must-have for your house.

#6 Peace Lily

This flower-plant is a little maintenance plant that works as an air cleaning tool as well. It has white, spoon-shaped, beautiful flowers that bloom even in low-level lighting. And, peace Lily is also an excellent plant for gifting purpose.

#7 Golden Pothos

Destress your life by adding the beautiful golden pothos to your house that can clear the toxins from the air. You can also use this stunning beauty in the living as a hanging plant.

#8 Prayer Plant

Prayer plants make a stunning addition to any house with an area of bright indirect light. They have big oval leaves that perform circadian rhythms, i.e., they turn upward at night. This makes the plant look incredibly fantastic in the moonlight or the darkness of night.

#9 Fibre Optic Grass Plant

Grasses give an ultimate life and texture to the gardens. Such a plant is this fibre optic grass plant that does great in moist soil. It looks weedy with attractive seed fronts and adds life to the interiors of your house.

These are 9 recommendations that you can consider for the indoor of your house. Bring them home and watch them bloom!

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