10 Best Working KissAnime Alternatives 2024

As anime fans, we all cherished the experience KissAnime once offered. It was an anime wonderland with a massive collection of shows and series. But since its unfortunate shutdown, finding a platform replicating the same magic has been challenging. The quest for user-friendly KissAnime alternatives is on the rise as we yearn to relive the seamless, easy-to-navigate, and diverse anime streaming that made KissAnime a favourite among fans worldwide.

If you love watching anime on KissAnime and are not satisfied, then here we have shortlisted the best KissAnime alternative sites you should look for. Let’s discuss more.

Best KissAnime Alternatives in 2024

Here is the list of the best KissAnime Alternatives for the year 2024.

#1 AnimeLab

Kissanime alternative

The first best KissAnime alternative is AnimeLab. It brings you huge collection of anime at your desktop and on your mobile device. Here, you will find tons of subbed and dubbed content with popular shows option. It offers genres to select from including adventure, drama, comedy, horror, gaming, sports, and more. With simulcast option, it offers multiple options to choose from including simulcasting now, recently aired, and option to schedule simulcast. This anime site like KissAnime also brings you huge collection of anime movies to choose from.

#2 Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is an outstanding KissAnime alternative that serves as a paradise for anime lovers. Not only does it provide a vast selection of anime series and films, but it also offers a user-friendly interface that’s both inviting and easy to navigate.

Crunchyroll has solidified its reputation as a reliable source of both classic and current anime, with its library continually expanding. It boasts an impressive collection of anime series, which ranges from the iconic ‘Naruto’ to the more contemporary ‘Demon Slayer.’ And it’s not just about anime series; Crunchyroll also provides access to manga, making it an all-round destination for fans of Japanese pop culture.

Its commitment to bringing high-quality, licensed content also sets it apart. This dedication ensures that every time you stream on Crunchyroll, you’re supporting the creators and the anime industry. Whether you’re a long-time anime aficionado or a newbie to the anime universe, Crunchyroll offers a unique experience that both echoes the comfort of KissAnime and brings its own distinctive features to the table.

So, if you’re looking for a KissAnime alternative that’s user-friendly, rich in content, and supportive of the anime industry, Crunchyroll might just be your perfect match. Enjoy exploring the vast universe of anime with a sense of ease and discover new series to fall in love with on Crunchyroll.

#3 Funimation


Funimation is an excellent KissAnime alternative that particularly shines for those who love dubbed anime. It has curated an immense library of anime content, available in both Japanese and English, allowing users to watch their favorite series in the language they prefer.

Just like KissAnime, Funimation presents a vast ocean of anime genres, from action and adventure to fantasy and romance. It’s a treasure trove of both timeless classics like ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and new fan-favorites like ‘My Hero Academia’. This broad range of offerings guarantees that you’ll always find something to suit your anime cravings.

Funimation is also known for its unique, user-friendly interface that ensures easy navigation. You can easily browse through various categories or search for specific titles, making your anime watching experience truly personalized and seamless.

What’s more, Funimation provides simulcast services, where you can watch the latest episodes of anime series aired in Japan with a slight delay, much to the delight of global fans who are keen on keeping up with ongoing series.

In essence, if you’re seeking a KissAnime alternative that’s user-centric, comprehensive, and dedicated to serving the global anime fanbase with high-quality, dubbed content, Funimation is definitely worth checking out. Dive into the thrilling world of anime with Funimation and rediscover your love for the genre in a fresh, new light.

#4 Anime Planet


If you are searching for best websites like KissAnime, then the next best option is Anime Planet. It allows you to choose from 45,000 legal, industry-supported anime episodes. You can even create your anime list on this platform and access them easily while watching videos on this site. The site was founded in 2001 as the first anime and manga recommendation database. It allows you to create list of what you have seen & read and watch thousands of episodes easily on this platform. You can even meet other anime fans on this site. Additionally, you can watch top loved and hated characters and browse all characters whenever you want.

#5 9Anime


The next best alternative to KissAnime website is 9Anime. It covers all major genres to select from including fantasy, horror, kids, cars, mystery, romance, samurai, sci-fi, and what not. You can select from latest collection or check for last updated collection to spend some quality time. For more specific search, you can search for the type of anime such as TV series, movies, OVA, ONA, or specials. You can even check scheduled anime collection to watch later. Above all, it allows you to request your favorite anime show or pick your favorite movie whenever you want.

#6 AnimeFreak.tv


AnimeFreak.tv, one of the best KissAnime alternatives, brings tons of quality content to your mobile and desktop screen. It allows you to choose from ongoing anime shows or selected from the Spring 2020 collection. For a quick search, you can browse by genre, where you will find many options. Additionally, you can watch latest or popular anime shows to entertainment yourself. This powerful platform brings you subbed & dubbed versions of most popular anime shows in a single click on your device. However, there is one drawback: You may see some explicit ads on the site that you don’t like.

#7 Hulu


Hulu, while not an exclusive anime platform, has successfully established itself as a reliable KissAnime alternative, thanks to its expanding anime collection. The platform provides access to an eclectic mix of anime series, making it an appealing destination for diverse anime tastes.

From enduring classics like ‘Cowboy Bebop’ to modern hits such as ‘Attack on Titan’, Hulu offers a variety of anime genres that cater to both hardcore enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. The breadth of its selection is complemented by a user-friendly interface that allows easy content discovery and navigation.

Beyond its anime offering, Hulu’s wide array of TV shows and movies across multiple genres adds a unique dimension to its value as a streaming platform. This broad-ranging content makes Hulu a comprehensive entertainment platform, offering something for everyone.

Moreover, Hulu is also known for its high-quality streaming experience. The platform provides excellent video quality and user-centric features like creating personal watchlists and making your anime viewing experience more immersive and enjoyable.

In summary, if you’re searching for a KissAnime alternative that combines a robust anime library with a diverse array of other TV and movie offerings, Hulu might just be your go-to platform. Its user-friendly features and broad content selection promise an enjoyable and personalized viewing experience.

#8 Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime brings you huge collection of anime and managa content to entertain you at your home. You can choose from your favorite anime or manage shows or watch anime movies easily on your device. It also offers list of anime soundtracks to pick from. You can even choose from Asian drama or click on anime mobile to catch on one of your favorite shows. For seamless fun, it offers latest and most popular anime and mange shows to pick from. You can also choose any of your favorite characters from long cartoon list.

#9 GoGoAnime


GoGoAnime is a highly appealing KissAnime alternative for those passionate about anime. This platform stands out in the anime streaming community due to its massive, well-curated library of anime series and films.

Like KissAnime, GoGoAnime offers a wide selection of anime spanning various genres, from action and adventure to mystery and romance. It showcases globally acclaimed series such as ‘One Piece’ and ‘Naruto’, as well as lesser-known gems that cater to the tastes of niche anime enthusiasts.

GoGoAnime’s interface is user-friendly and designed with viewers’ ease in mind. You can effortlessly browse various categories, look up specific anime titles, and even find dubbed or subbed versions of your favourite series. This simple navigation and categorization make finding and discovering anime a breeze.

Moreover, GoGoAnime is known for its quick updates of ongoing series, ensuring that fans are up-to-date with the latest episodes. Its excellent streaming quality enhances your viewing experience, and the platform even allows downloading episodes for offline viewing.

In summary, GoGoAnime, as a KissAnime alternative, offers a unique blend of user-friendly interface, diverse anime selection, and quality streaming, ensuring a superior anime viewing experience. Its commitment to providing updated content makes it a top pick for anime lovers worldwide.

#10 AnimeUltima


AnimeUltima brings you anime fun in multiple language options. You can find Asian, sub-continent and other anime content on this platform. You can explore best anime available on the platform based on filters you have set and browse directory of over 2000 anime on the site. Additionally, you can watch an ongoing anime that is airing right now or schedule it for later watch. Not only that, you can also request for your favorite anime content on AnimeUltima.


Even though KissAnime’s departure from the online streaming landscape left many anime enthusiasts longing for a reliable alternative, the good news is that there’s no shortage of high-quality, user-friendly platforms to fill this void. Whether you prefer Crunchyroll’s comprehensive anime and manga library, Funimation’s vast dubbed anime collection, Hulu’s diverse entertainment offerings, or GoGoAnime’s prompt updates on ongoing series, there’s a platform to cater to every anime lover’s unique preferences.

These KissAnime alternatives are more than capable of providing a robust anime viewing experience. Their extensive selection of series, varied genres, excellent streaming quality, and user-centric interfaces ensure that the spirit of KissAnime lives on. So, gear up to dive back into the thrilling world of anime with these platforms, and continue to enjoy the rich storytelling, mesmerizing art, and immersive universes that make anime such a globally beloved medium. Here’s to countless more hours of anime adventures!

So, these were 10 best KissAnime alternative sites you should look for in 2023. Try them out and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.


Let’s take a look at some FAQ’s for Kissanime alternatives.

Why was KissAnime shut down?

KissAnime was shut down due to copyright issues. As it was hosting content without proper licensing, it was deemed illegal, leading to its closure.

Is it legal to use these KissAnime alternatives?

Yes, the alternatives mentioned like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and Netflix are all legal platforms that host content with proper licenses.

Are all KissAnime alternatives free?

No, while some platforms offer free content, others like Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll offer subscription-based services, providing premium content for a monthly or annual fee.

Can I find both subbed and dubbed anime on these alternatives?

Yes, most of these platforms offer a variety of subbed and dubbed anime. Funimation, in particular, is renowned for its vast library of dubbed anime.

Are new anime series promptly updated on these KissAnime alternatives?

Yes, most of these platforms are known for their timely updates of ongoing anime series. Sites like GoGoAnime are particularly prompt with their episode updates.

Can I read manga on these platforms?

Yes, some platforms like Crunchyroll also host a wide range of manga, providing a comprehensive anime and manga experience.