Best Apple Watch Apps 2020 – Top Rated Apple Watch Apps


Did you holiday shopping include a smart and stylish Apple Watch?

You must be looking for the best Apple Watch apps 2020. The small but smart device is everything you needed from a watch and more and it is not like anything you have seen till date. The watch made an explosive entry into the smart devices section and instantly became a hit due to its sleek design and the familiar Apple interface.

Best Apple Watch Apps 2020

Here are some of the top apps you should be downloading for your Apple Watch this year.


CARROT FITThis app is for anyone trying to lose weight or stay fit with limited time on hand. CARROT FIT follows the new but popular 7-minute workout trend that provides your body an awesome workout experience in a fun and easy way. The CARROT AI is one of the most sarcastic and often the funniest thing to carry around. It makes you do ‘Celebrity Face Punches’ in the most malevolent ways possible but is great at getting the job done. You get a really cool exercise plan that doesn’t feel like an old and tiring workout. The app is a great way for people to find time to exercise, working according to their bodies, and getting a few more minutes to sleep. The 7-minute workout brings in great results and coupled with the CARROT AI, it can really help you achieve great feats.

#2 Standland

StandlandWho doesn’t want to be consistently nagged by a beautiful owl to get some exercise? If you like the idea, this app could be an all time favorite for you. You ‘must’ get off your chair or bed and do some activity every hour. No activity below 1 minute will be counted in the app. So, make sure that you don’t count a sloppy stretching and yawning as an activity, unless you do it while standing up and holding on to the stretch for more than 60 seconds. You either get an owl or a cute bunny and both can create engaging 3D environments on your iPhone. It’s a beautiful app that can help you stay fit. Make sure you make the maximum of this opportunity.

#3 Strava

StravaThere is no fitness app that can beat the style, ease, and simplicity of Strava. The app has been working really well on App store and provides an amazing opportunity of fitness tracking for Apple Watch as well. It really makes GPS tracking of fitness activities fun and easy. You won’t be fumbling around with too many functions on this one. This is a big red start button that helps you get right on track. As soon as you start moving, the app will track distance, time, and heart rate for you. The accuracy of the app is par excellence and you will also find an iPhone app for the same. Therefore, you can track activities regardless of the device you are using. Strava is simple and very easy to use. The only downside is that it is heavier on the battery.

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#4 Streaks

StreaksBuilding habits isn’t an easy task, especially if you are trying on work on the positive ones. Just try to drink 2 liters of soda each day and you probably won’t even have to think twice before it is a habit. However, reading even one page of a book everyday could become tiring for you. Don’t feel guilty. It’s not just you. Many people find it difficult to start or maintain a new good habit. This is exactly where Streaks will come to your rescue. This beautiful little app makes full use of the beauty and simplicity of Apple interface. You get an app that can help you build 6 habits at a time. The habits could be anything and you need to decide which days of the week you will dedicate to the habit. Want to drink at last 3 liters of water every day? Just feed into the app and you are good to go. This app helps you build powerful streaks which could help you maintain a good habit with ease.

#5 Just Press Record

Just Press RecordWhy would a simple recorder app be in our list of best Apple Watch apps 2020? The answer is simple. Just Press Record is a nifty little app that will help you in creating recordings quickly and storing them to the crowd, even when you are on the move. The Just Press Record app works flawlessly on iPhones as well. Its companion app on Apple Watch has just made it easier for you to record audio without having to turn the screen of your phone on. You simply need to press the record button, speak whatever you want and then press stop. As soon as the recording is saved, it will be stored on cloud. Your files will never be lost as they are always stored on the cloud. The best thing about the app is that you can even get transcriptions of your audio recordings. Now that is one thing we love!

#6 Calcbot

CalcbotIt’s amazing how Apple thought that providing a native calculator app on the Apple Watch could be a bad idea.

A calculator is one of the most basic tools people need on their watches and Calcbot helps you in filling the gap very quickly. It provides you a neat and well-designed calculator that you always wanted in the watch.

#7 CARROT Weather

CARROT WeatherThe CARROT AI is sarcastic at its best and the Apple Watch companion app for your iPhone gives you a pleasing visual treat. Unlike the phone, you get color coded weather messages. A sunny day paints your watch’s screen yellow while a rainy day does the exact same thing, but with blue. It is quite a striking app and does its work well. You don’t want to look at the small display of the watch to find out the weather forecast. If you want a quick look at how the weather will be for the next one hour, just check the color of the screen. Isn’t it simple?

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#8 Citymapper

CitymapperWhile it is an awesome companion for people travelling outstation, the Citymapper app is great for people who are trying to use public transportation with your city. The app is a companion to its iOS cousin that provides you small and useful details about reaching a destination using public transport. The app is very accurate and will make it easy for anyone in a new city. You can get detailed guides on what kind of transport is available, when it departs from a station and more. This is not all, you will be guided till you reach your destination, which is a fantastic way to live in the future. One more thing! It even taps you on the wrist when you reach your destination. This could be a little but useful gesture in places where you don’t understand a language.

#9 Evernote

EvernoteIf you have been using iPhones for a while now, you know that Evernote has everything that Apple Notes doesn’t. Apple didn’t supply the Apple Watch with a note-taking app. They probably thought that the watch will be good enough for fitness tracking. However, Evernote does the job for you. It has a powerful note taking system that works smoothly on your watch. Just dictate your note and let Evernote save it for you quickly in a designated folder. Evernote syncs across devices. You can always go back home and find the audio on your laptop or iPhone.

#10 Lifesum

unnamedLike we mentioned above, Apple probably thought that fitness enthusiasts will be using their watches more than any other focus group. Lifesum takes this philosophy into account and brings to you its Apple Watch app, a sister app of which is available on your phone. While other apps let you track your activities, this one helps you in counting calories to ensure that you are eating healthy, within your daily prescribed limits. Exercising at the gym will not do any good to your body unless you control your food portions and calories. The Lifesum app is clean and useful and it will help you keep track of the food you eat effortlessly. The presentation of the app is beautiful too.

#11 Babbel

babbleThis app is for the travelers and people who love to learn new languages. The iPhone app Babble helps you in learning new languages. However, the Apple Watch app is designed differently. You don’t want to be scrolling your watch screen to learn a new language. This app creates a trivia-like game for you which will help you in applying your language skills in real life conditions. It checks nearby businesses, restaurants, roads, and localities and asks you small questions. If you have been practicing with the Babbel app, answering should be easy for you. If not, you will learn a few words quickly. It could come in handy when you are travelling.

These were some of the best Apple Watch apps 2020. Have you tried any one of these? Do you think some other apps should have made this list too? Let us know in the comments below.

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