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Common Hulu Problems and How to Fix Them

Hulu not working is a widespread issue that you may come across. From time to time, you may face this issue while streaming videos on Hulu.

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So you may wonder why is Hulu not working on my devices, is Hulu down? Here are some possible causes.

  • Hulu app or streaming device has corrupted caches.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • The Hulu app is outdated.

Hulu keeps buffering? Hulu not working on Firestick? Hulu not working on Roku? Here are 4 solutions you can try!

Solution 1. Restart the Hulu App or Streaming Device

Restarting the application or device can effectively fix some problems like the Hulu playback failure issue. All you need to do is fully close the Hulu app and restart it again.

If you are using Firestick or Roku to stream Hulu videos, you need to fully shut down and take out the plug of your streaming device. Then wait 1 minute and reboot the streaming device and see if Hulu not working issue still exists.

Solution 2. Check the Internet Connection

Sometimes, if you find Hulu keeps buffering, the most possible cause is the internet connection problem. Hulu requires at least 3 Mbps for on-demand videos and 8 Mbps for live streams.

To check your internet connection, you can launch other apps like YouTube to see if other apps can play video smoothly.

If you’re using data to stream videos on Hulu, switch to Wi-Fi connection.

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Solution 3. Update the Hulu App

If the above-mentioned methods still cannot solve Hulu not working issue, you need to check if the Hulu app is outdated. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Hulu app, take the following steps.

For Android users:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Navigate to Menu > My apps & games > Hulu > Update.

For Firestick users:

  • Launch Firestick and go to Home.
  • Enter the Your Apps & Games section and find the Hulu app.
  • Click on More Options and choose More Info.
  • Open the latest version if available.
  • Then a pop-up window appears and tap on Yes to update the Hulu app.

Solution 4. Reinstall the Hulu App

The last solution is to reinstall the Hulu app. Just remove the Hulu app from your device and reinstall it on your device again. Afterward, launch Hulu and see if this problem is fixed.


This post lists 4 solutions to fix Hulu not working. If you meet this problem, try the above-mentioned ways! Hope this post is helpful to you.