How Do Companies Benefit from Preventive Maintenance Plan?

How Do Companies Benefit from Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Expense is very important to any company as it can breakdown if looked short sighted and can yield higher ROI respected managed properly. Many at times it is seen that company try save or cut down expanse looking short on maintenance and repair cost which might look reflect account books are green but It may result in higher loss or expanse in long run when it cannot be terminated anyway in company functions.

Two maintenance strategies are employed by companies namely reactive maintenance and equipment monitoring and maintenance on regular basis called preventive maintenance plan. In reactive maintenance model rule is “don’t fix it unless it breaks down” which is saving for short-term period but it can result in company fortune just to keep machinery running after it occurs. While other model, spending on regular check-up of breakdown to minimize or seldom at front before major issue.

Let’s dive into more benefits of preventive maintenance plan for better insight:

While these are the benefit that this plan provide it can be easily achieved by CMMS software.

  1. Long term saving & cost reduction: Aim of preventive maintenance plan if to address small issues timely because maintenance/Repair issue progress with time and become more complex & major if it goes longer unaddressed. However, with preventive maintenance it allows to break repair issues and address them regularly preventing any major issue in long run saving expanse, which may be fortune otherwise.
  2. Efficiency: Preventative maintenance plan helps in efficiency and increasing productivity as it address issue before major breakdown and save lower management to keep working on production without hampering it. In addition, it save money as machines start to work at less than optimal efficiency company can lose thousands of money in expanse each month.
  3. Safety: While cost to company is important so do providing optimum safe environment is abide by law and ethics. With machinery having maintenance issue like grind or dulled edges and warped can lead to safety issues and cause accident to worker or even their life. Therefore preventive maintenance planis essential at providing timeline for inspecting machines and giving opportunity to operator the best time to change things that may cause it. It closely monitor assets, equipment’s and working condition for safety.
  4. Increase in life span of assets: As regular check-up are performed and servicing is done the assets are always performing optimal without any issue, which increase the longevity and life span of assets therefore contributing in cutting cost in future.
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Relation between Preventive Maintenance Plan and Profit

As discussed above benefit that this strategy provide, there is direct relation between profits. With reduction in cost in long term, safety in mind of lower management who deals daily with machinery are indirect lead to higher ROI on investment like CMMS software. Nevertheless, there is direct co-relation as companies that relies heavily on machinery for output, on well they perform. With efficiency and effectiveness in production will result in optimal output that will ultimately result in higher profit.

Benefit CMMS provide in Preventive Maintenance Plan

CMMS abbreviation of Computerized Maintenance Management System is beneficial at up keeping company assets running. CMMS provide various function that help in preventive maintenance strategy.

Some of major function it handle are record keeping like generating report of maintenance work, records of information where can repair parts found, which  room etc., apart from it CMMS help in scheduling of maintenance tasks and help in inspection work at regular interval.

Hope by now you have got idea why it is important and how CMMS can help in longer run.

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