Dining Tables: Best Picks for Your New House

Dining Tables: Best Picks for Your New House

Buying furniture can seem like a tedious and boring job. However, with the right guidance and plan, it can be fun as well. Once you are certain about the kind of color scheme and furniture that you want to incorporate in your house, you can go ahead with choosing them.

Extending dining tables have become quite popular as they fit well in smaller spaces and save a lot of time for cleaning. If you are looking for a guide on dining tables, this is your best bet. Here are some of the best choices when it comes to dining tables.


Wooden dining tables will always remain classy when it comes to bigger apartments or houses. If you own such an apartment that has ample space in it, you can opt for a good wooden dining table to add to the charm of the living room.

  • Teakwood or Maplewood are the most common types of wood for dining tables.
  • They are sturdy and provide longevity.
  • The wooden cuts remain traditional but will always give off a very fresh feel.

Wooden furniture is your best bet if you are moving to a new house with a lot of space. Not only will it fill up the empty space, but it will also look great in the living room.

Glass dining tables

Glass is a fantastic option for your new house if the living room space is urban. Glass tables look great in such spaces. It gives a modular look to the entire living room or wherever you place the table. You must decide the kind of glass you want to use for the table.

These tables are usually custom-made for clients, and you must do that as well. Explain your requirements to the experts at the furniture store and they will be able to assist you better.

Choose the better quality glass, even if it means spending a few extra bucks. Invest well for a sturdy and well-made dining table.

Metal-top dining tables

Metal-top again is a very contemporary choice for a dining table.

  • Metal tables are usually very utilitarian in nature and made for effective usage.
  • If your apartment is compact, these tables will save the day.
  • They are easy to maintain, which you can figure out from the cleaning manual.
  • You won’t have to put much work or effort into dealing with these.
  • They are sturdy and great for when you have kids around.

Glass and porcelain might seem like fancier options, but metal-tops are leading the way for cost-effective and well-structured dining tables.

Laminate dining tables

Laminate dining tables are those with different layers on the tabletop. PVC is one of the most-used layers for these dining tables. If you are thinking about the budget, these will be perfect.

In case you have a limited budget, and you wish to stick to that, laminate tables are your best bet. These are not only durable but have a wood grain finish as well.


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