Do It Yourself: How To Build Your Simulator

Do It Yourself: How To Build Your Simulator

We all know that one of the first realistic scenes during Tiger Woods’s comeback in his 2016 game is the superstar in shorts. It hits a 9-iron into a wall-sized screen on a smart in-home simulator. If you desire to build your simulator, you don’t necessarily need to earn a 9-figure to enjoy your game during Algarve Golf Holidays. Also, the price of building your simulator can range from about $3000 to $50,000. The price is dependent on the type of technology, netting, screen, computer, and other things you desire to put in place.

You could learn a thing or two from Mike Rohr & Kyle Morris, who both built theirs from scratch. For Rohr, he built his in his warehouse space. His project was down and dirty. He made use of his experience in installing floors and created everything within the hitting area with approximately $500. He purchased a second-hand FlightScope Kudu indoor radar tracker system for $1700, a projector, screen, and a PC for $750. Although his set-up is not so classy, he uses his carpeting tricks to enjoy a realistic effect.

For Morris, his set-up was far less handy because he had a bigger budget and a more motivating goal. He built his enclosed simulator from a bare stud to a beautiful golf-instruction studio. Although it took him two months to achieve it and it cost him about $35,000. Morris set-up is more of a high-end display at PGA merchandise show. A precise spreadsheet showed Morris that he saved over $15000 over the Truckman’s $50000 sticker price for their ready to use studio build-out. When Morris built his second game set up, he was able to cut out a week. When asked, he said, “it’s kind of having that second child, you know what to expect.”

For you to build a great simulator that can house a full bag, you will require a least 15 feet of run from the tee area to the screen, a 10 feet width, and 10-feet high ceilings. The framework is not too difficult to build. The turf, netting for the floors, and the walls are quite inexpensive, and you will need to include three pieces of bolted iron angle on a stud, mat, simulator, a screen, projector, computer, and HDMI splitter. Most of your expenses will come from upgrading the technology.

You will have to carpet or cushion the sides to ensure the shanks do rebound of your head. First, you would have to find the right technology and budget that suits you perfectly. If you are having a problem setting everything up and you should leave it to the professionals.  The Full Swing Golf company sells a do-it-yourself version of the S2 simulator.

The S2 simulator comes with everything you would require to set-up your own game. The company said to set-up, it would take two handy people two days to finish setting up while following the instructions on the manual. The price for the S2 is $15000, and it could cost up to $50,000 to upgrade to the S8 model. It all depends on the amount for your convenience.

Being able to play golf in the comfort of your home with a simulator can be fun. With this guide, you can start building your good simulator. Let the fun begin.

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