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A Wi-Fi is only fast when it isn’t connected to multiple users. For most Wi-Fi connections, the more the numbers of users, the lesser bandwidth each will get. As a result of this, your connection is always slow, no matter how fast it appears. If you think that your Wi-Fi connection has become slow over time, you must definitely think about using the Download WiFiKill APK. It will make your home or office Wi-Fi connection super-fast and give you more control over the usage of your bandwidth.

Why use WiFiKill APK?

download wifikill apk

Internet bandwidth is precious but Wi-Fi connections are not always secure. This means that many network hoggers could be silently using all your data without your knowledge. These people are not just costing you money but also slowing down your network connection. This means that everything will load slower and you will have to be satisfied with slow internet. Some of us often call the service providers, shouting insults at them for giving us slow connections. However, the problem actually lies somewhere else.

There could be many devices in your home that remain connected to the internet but are not actively using it. Moreover, there could be people who are continuously hacking into your devices, making it more difficult for you get a decent bandwidth. With the WiFiKill APK you can reclaim control over your Wi-Fi connection and ensure that you get what you pay for. The WiFiKill app gives you the ability to ensure that you kill all devices using your Wi-Fi and get faster internet too.

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You must note that as the number of devices on the Wi-Fi connection increases, the speed of your connection decreases. Therefore, getting rid of inactive connections of network hoggers will help you in getting more value and more speed out of your Wi-Fi connection.

How to download and install the WiFiKill APK

Wifikill Apk

The WiFiKill APK is easy to download and setup. It can help you in getting a powerful Wi-Fi network without bothering about network hoggers. Here are the steps that you should follow.

Go to phone settings and click on security settings

From there go to device administration. Here you will find an option for ‘unknown sources’. Toggle this option to make it turn green. Now, you can easily install apps that are not downloaded from the Google Play Store. If this option has not been turned on, you could face problems with the app installation. Therefore, this step is mandatory and must be performed before downloading the APK on your phone.

  • Go to a trusted WiFiKill link to download the APK. The process will get finished quickly.
  • Now, go to ‘Files’ and search for the WiFiKill APK. Once you find the file, click on it and it will start installing.
  • As soon as the installation is complete, you can use the app.
  • Open it to find a play button. Click on the button.
  • A list of connected devices to a Wi-Fi will start displaying.
  • Tap on the connections to kill their Wi-Fi connection immediately.
  • Done! You can now use faster Wi-Fi with a higher bandwidth and a faster internet connection.

The app will work the same way with rooted and unrooted phones. It may ask for root permission on a phone.

How to download and install WiFiKill APK on Windows?

wifikill apk

Installing the WifiKill APK on your Windows computer is as easy as installing it on your phone. Here are the steps you should follow.

Download an Android emulator on your PC like Bluestacks. The job of these emulators is to let you enjoy an Android experience on your Windows PC. The application will take a few minutes to download.

Open the Bluestacks file and install it on your computer.

Once done, go to a trusted link for downloading WiFiKill APK. Note that an APK can only be installed on a smartphone. Therefore, you must already have Bluestacks or some other emulator working on your PC before downloading.

As soon as the APK is downloaded, search for the file and install WiFiKill on your PC.

Similar to your Android device, the app will now grab and kill all other Wi-Ficonnections and provide you a better bandwidth and speed.

What to do when WiFiKill shows an error?

It is possible for some users, mostly those using an older version of Android, to get an error while using this APK. In most conditions, a simple reboot will allow your app to start working again properly.

If the reboot doesn’t solve things for you, then you should root your device. If the device hasn’t been rooted before, it will be wise to root it first and the run the APK again. Rooting the device is very simple. You can either download a software like Kingoroot on your Windows PC or directly on your phone.

If the app is downloaded directly on your phone, simply run the app and it will root your device on its own. If you are using a desktop version, run the app and connect your phone via a USB cable (with the developer mode and USB debugging mode on). Your phone will be rooted by these applications automatically in a few minutes. You don’t have to go through complicated instructions to do it on your own.

Rooting the phone will give additional permissions for the app to function properly. While using APKs for unrooted phones, some problems may arise, especially if you are using Android Lollipop or Marshmallow. Therefore, rooting the phone will help you in getting rid of these problems and using the WiFiKill APK without any issues.

If your phone still faces any problems in running the app, you could download the SuperSU app. This app will help you in finding out if the app has any issues and needs additional rooting permissions. It will also help you in getting better results with all yourAPK apps.

Note that most problems occurring in this app are because of improper rooting of the phone. Using SuperSU will solve these problems for you.

In the app, simply grant permissions to the WiFiKill app and the SuperSU will ensure that your app doesn’t have problems.

What about the WiFiKill Android app?

Users in some countries also see the WiFiKill app on their Google Play Store. This isn’t the official WiFiKill app. In fact, the app available on Play Store is spammy and full of annoying ads. If you want to get the real WiFiKill, it will be better to download their APK from their official website and using it on your Android device, preferably rooted.

Will Google ban you if you root your device?

Not at all. Android rooting is a very common thing and Google will not ban you for rooting your device. Many developers do so in order to test their apps. The only change in your phone will be the lapse of its warranty. If your phone is still in the warranty period, it will not be valid anymore. Rest, you can continue using your phone as before.

Some applications may not work well on rooted Android devices but their number isn’t too high. We suggest that you do not keep any apps that contain your sensitive information on any rooted device. If you are not an advanced user who can put good security checks in place, you can make your Android device more sensitive to viruses and data thefts.

Another thing that you must focus on while working with rooted devices is to download only those APKs that come with trusted and peer verified sources. There are many sketchy links which may make you download sub-par apps with viruses which could put your security and privacy at risk. The best option is to either download the APK from the official website or get it from a creator authorized website only.

Features of WiFiKill APK

WiFiKill is one of the best apps that you can use for getting more control over your Wi-Fi connection. It helps you in killing up to 200 devices at once. Though it is not meant to be used at places which have hundreds of devices connected, it can work in batches and kill off Wi-Fi devices with ease. Mostly, this app finds its utility in small offices and home.

The best feature of this app is the ‘Grab all’ and ‘Kill all’ function. With this function, you can connect your app with a Wi-Fi connection and get a list of all devices connected with it. You can also terminate the connections of all these devices with just one tap. This helps you in getting rid of unwanted internet hoggers all at once. There is nothing like the ability of terminating all Wi-Fi connections with just one tap and saving the bandwidth of your internet connection for yourself.

WiFiKill works well with mobiles and tablets with ease. The app works best with Android version 4.0 and up. Just download the APK and start using the app on your rooted smartphone. You will love the ease of access and enjoy more security, privacy, and speedier internet.