Easy Ways To Prevent MOT Fail

MOT Fail

Changing oil and brake fluid, and replacing headlights is a step too far for some of us, but there are simple things we can do that will go a long way to MOT testing success for our vehicles.

We can be forgiven for just booking our cars in for MOT and hoping for the best, but when it comes to having to book a retest, we’ll wish we’d paid more attention to our car’s annual roadworthy check.

So, take a look at the list below, and you’ll probably be able to tackle most of these.

Check Mirrors

To pass your MOT, one interior and one offside mirror have to be intact.

If they are hanging off or missing, it’ll be MOT revisited for you and your car.

Cracks and dirt are also no-nos, so if it means replacing a mirror or two and including your mirrors in your pre-MOT spruce-up, it is going to be worth it in the end.

Sharp edges from broken mirrors are dangerous, and this means your MOT tester is not going to be a happy chappy and will fail the car outright.

Windscreen Check

There are a few fail-potential factors here. If the windscreen is cracked or chipped, there is a chance it is going to be the reason you MOT test, so best check what’s expected. Some windscreen damage slips through the cracks, and your car will be deemed roadworthy, others won’t.

According to the RAC website the rule of thumb is if the mark is not obstructing the driver’s side of the windscreen and is no longer than 10mm, it won’t be a reason to fail you. If the crack or even chip is less than 40mm on the rest of the screen, chances it won’t be marked down either.

Wiper Water

This is an easy one, but if there’s been no rain leading up to your MOT test, you might not have had to have used your wipers in a while. Just check that there’s enough wiper fluid in the reservoir. You can also make your own fluid, best explained on the Your Mechanic website.

While you are at it, check and see that your wipers are in good working order and that the rubber hasn’t perished. Wipers aren’t expensive to replace and easy to install.

Toot Your Hooter

We are in a polite country where it’s not often you hear motorists bibbing their horns, but if yours doesn’t work, it will fail your MOT test.

Try it out before your car goes in. It could just be a fuse that will cost about £3 to replace, but if your horn has gone to hooter heaven, it could cost as much as £125 to replace.

It well could be a costly repair, but it will cost even more if it fails your MOT and you have to schedule a retest.

Polish And Clean 

It’s something many of us assume is not important in the scheme of MOT testing, but a clean car goes a long way, but a dirty one, inside and out won’t be hitting the road any time soon.

Take an hour out to vacuum the interior and wipe down the smooth surfaces. Polish the exterior and make sure that the number plate’s lettering and numbers are clearly visible.

Any stickers on the windscreen need to be clear of the wipers’ sweep area and not impede the driver’s vision.

Armed with this information, don’t hesitate to book your MOT soon rather than later.

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