Essential Tips for choosing right service scheduling software


For progress of any business firm, cutting the costs and increasing the productivity is important. The field service management can help in achieving this and in fact much more.

The best service scheduling software can help in serving more customers with less overhead, it can also simplify the process like accounting, billing, and work order management.

However, your software must have certain essential features which are as follows:

  • A mobile app for field workers and web application for the office.
  • The software should have ability to collect and store field data in central database.
  • The advanced scheduling and dispatching features account for many variables.
  • The ability to find the best technician for the job based on the primary business objectives.
  • Real-time communication capabilities.
  • Ability to manage contractors and employees in the same system.
  • Simple communication tools which help everyone stay connected.
  • Built-in GPS which helps in tracking employees and indentifying the best route.
  • It should have ability to integrate seamlessly with other business systems.

The software has many benefits for the business which are as follows:

  • You can now manage your business with the help of cross-platform software. Field Promax offers flexibility to use both Android and iOS platforms. The software needs no complex training sessions. All you need is 10- 15 minutes of user training. Your staff can upload the picture when the job is completed and can even get customer signature.
  • You can now bring mobility to your property management business with the help of the software. You can create work orders from the office as well as from the field. This will significantly widen your business, and your services will be available for more and more people. You will be able to satisfy your needs faster. The software allows you to generate work orders automatically.
  • Companies dealing with repair services depend on inventory management system. The application enables your employees with real-time stock balance checking right in the field.
  • With the help of software you can now assign specialists to tasks more precisely according to their matching skills. This will increase chances of right specialist sent at right place. With client base and history, the task becomes even easier.
  • Consolidated database with all the clients and order history information can be a treasure for any company. If the employee leaves or retires, others can take over and there will be no harm to the working process.
  • For any service that you offer an invoice needs to be generated. You can now get rid of the paperwork and benefit from the automated invoice generation with our software. Your staff can immediately generate an invoice and send it to the client after completion of the maintenance or other job. You can charge differently for the same service depending on the negotiation that takes place with various clients.

If you are looking best service dispatch software, connect with the Field Promax team for more insight and information.

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