Top 10 Differences between Genuine and Fake People

We come across different types of people in life. A very few of them truly deserve to be a part of our lives. You will also meet a few people who are fake from head to toe. While these people can always provide you great company, they may not necessarily want the best for you.

It is very difficult to identify fake people as they may disguise as your closest friends. The problem with such people is that they are fair weather friends. They will be with you when you are happy and do well in life. However, whenever you face any problems, they will be gone.

Fake People VS Genuine People

You cannot always wait for bad times to find out who has your back. Therefore, today, we bring to you the top 10 differences between genuine and fake people. This list will help you in identifying some behaviors that are normally

Genuine people have empathy; fake people have sympathy

This is one of the most important differentiation between genuine and fake people. When you go through a tragedy in life, you will likely come across people who will be by your side and ensure that you are well taken care of. Such people genuinely care about you and do their best to ensure your wellbeing. These are genuine people. Their actions usually speak louder than their words.

Fake people are full of sympathy only. They will sympathize with you, cry with you but will never do anything that makes a change in your life. Fake people are known to cry aloud when you are crying. They will hardly ever reach out for the tissue to help you when you have a nervous breakdown. Though the differentiation between sympathy and empathy is very narrow, you will eventually realize which one is true.

Genuine people do not seek recognition, fake people do!

Genuine people don’t demand recognition for their work, especially when they are helping you. They are good Samaritans who will help you in every possible way and don’t tell everyone about it. Your relationship with a genuine person will be very private, and all they do for you will be hidden from the public eye. Of course, people can always guess because their actions are visible to all.

Fake people have a habit of letting the world know, even if they did a small favor for you. Let’s take an example. Your toaster stops working right at the time of breakfast. Your children love to eat toast in the morning. So, you go and ask your neighbor for help. They understand your problem and give you their toaster. A genuine person will consider this ‘help for a neighbor’ while a fake person will believe they saved your life. Next time they meet someone, they will likely narrate a dramatized version of how they helped you.

Fake people could be yes men

Genuine people are never afraid of revealing their thoughts. No matter how close you are to them, genuine people may want to point out your mistakes and help you correct them as well. Even if your views don’t match, they will share their views with you so that you can make better decisions in life. It is easy to get offended by these people. You may believe that they are giving unsolicited advice. However, if someone is genuinely concerned about your actions, it is those who share their views.

Fake people are often yes men. No matter what you do, expect a fake person to say yes to everything. This kind of people does not like to face any resistance. Hence, they will say yes to everything you say. You will be very happy in their company as they are never telling you anything you don’t want to hear. This creates problems for you. Eventually, when you land in trouble, fake people will suggest that it is because of your actions and shun any answerability for the same.

When they speak for you

Genuine people will speak for you behind you. Fake people will speak about you.

This is one of the most important differentiation between genuine and fake people. Someone who doesn’t genuinely believe in you or loves you will speak to you behind your back. They will share your secrets, laugh at you, and will not mind talking about embarrassing events as well. Genuine people, on the other hand, ensure that they speak for you. They will talk good things about you, recommend you and applaud your qualities when you are not around.

Note that genuine people may not always applaud you in front of you. Fake people do it better.

Check their promises

Fake people always make lofty promises but fail to fulfill them. Fake people will make you believe that something great can be done with ease by them. However, when they fail to fulfill their promises, they come up with lengthy excuses to bail themselves out. Such behavior is unacceptable. However, you are more likely to believe both the tall promises as well as the excuses, because fake people are excellent sympathizers and smooth talkers.

Genuine people do not promise more than what they can deliver. The chances of genuine people doing small but meaningful things for you are higher. If genuine people fail to deliver on their promises, they will likely apologize for their behavior and accept their failure instead of making excuses.

They want to be liked by everyone

One important thing to note about fake people is that they want everyone to like them. These people believe that anyone and everyone could be of use to them. Hence, they always try to be on their best behavior. Genuine people do not have these motives. They will rather be disliked for being themselves than be liked for who they are not.

This creates a problem. Is a very likable person, who shares good relationships with almost everyone fake? No. It only means that fake people pretend to be very likable. To share camaraderie with you, they will start telling you that both your interests match. Additionally, they will try to pretend to be someone who you will like. Genuine people are good-natured folks who will be liked and appreciated for who they are, not for who you want them to be.

Their hidden motives

Fake people usually have hidden motives behind whatever they do. They may become extremely nice to people who can help fulfill their needs. As soon as the needs are fulfilled, they usually go away. Genuine people do not have hidden motives behind being with you. They will be your friends, regardless of what purpose you can solve for them. A person without a hidden motive will be a better friend to you. After all, they don’t have to worry about pleasing you to get stuff done.


People who genuinely care for you will forgive you. They will not hold grudges against you or remind you of your mistakes, long after they have been forgotten. This doesn’t mean that people with genuine intentions are not hurt by bad behavior on your end. Instead, they are looking forward to letting you move on and give you a chance to make up for your mistake. You can easily offend fake people when you make a mistake. They will be the last to forgive if you ever made a mistake. They may also find ways to bring up and discuss your mistakes frequently. While this can be a sign of a person who is genuinely hurt by your behavior, fake people intend to insult you and break your heart.

Acceptance is the key

Do you always have to look your best and put your best foot forward in front of a few people, no matter how close they are to you? You are likely in the company of fake people. Everyone has a few personality quirks. You may not always look perfect, have money in your pocket or be in the best mood. Genuine people understand this and accept you for who you are. They don’t want you to become someone else.

How do they criticize?

The last and the most important point in finding out fake people is checking how they criticize other people. Some people are in the habit of bickering about how people should behave and what they should do with their lives. Whining and cribbing are often restricted to people who love to blame others for their misfortunes. Beware! They will not think twice before blaming you as well.

Criticism is not just about crying foul and telling people that they have done something wrong. Sometimes, the evilest and dangerous form of criticism is gossip. It can break somebody’s confidence and even cement some negative stereotypes about people. So, make sure that you always stay away from people who gossip and spread negative things around.

If they gossip with you, they will gossip about you too

Identifying fake people may be difficult, but if you pay attention to subtle clues in people’s behavior, you will notice that some are pretending to be your friends, while they are not. So be careful and live a happy life.


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