Freelancer Competitors: Which Ones Are The Best?


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Why Are Businesses Switching to Freelancer Competitors?

While Freelancer is a good platform for freelancing and has over 18.6 million members, there are some flaws that can’t be ignored. For instance, it takes over 14 days to receive your payment after asking for a withdrawal form.

Extracting funds from the site can be difficult, and the fees take up a good portion of your profits. Because of this, a few alternatives were made. Here are the top 3 competitors that are available. Look into each of them and see which one works the best for your business!


With a different approach than the other freelancer competitors on this list, Toptal is a platform for talented, veteran freelancers. If you pass Toptal’s screening process, you’ll have unparalleled access to projects with high-end clients (JP Morgan, AirBnB, Zendesk, etc.). You can join Toptal’s community for meetup events and daily updates.

The only downside is its high barrier to entry. This means that if you’re a first-time freelancer, you might have difficulty getting accepted on this site. Make sure that you build a portfolio of work completed for a multitude of clients to ensure that you can join and view Toptal’s job listings.


If you don’t want to do the manual labor of looking for high-quality workers or viewing through freelancer’s profiles, then Hubstaff is a great alternative for you. What started as a management tool for remote teams, Hubstaff grew into a unique staffing solution.

You can describe your ideal candidate and project on Hubstaff and find the best match for you. Hubstaff determines the difference between good and bad freelancers, making it easy for you to receive high-quality work.

Another advantage that Hubstaff offers is its no-fee policy. This means that you don’t have to pay any fees for posting or answering a job post. As a result, both businesses and freelancers can save their profits after the project has reached completion.

Since the site began as a project management and tracking solution, Hubstaff allows you to track your project’s progress and your freelancer’s performance. With its sophisticated software, you’ll find it easy to manage multiple remote teams at a time.

Talent Cupboard

Talent Cupboard is different than most freelancer competitors. The site is aimed towards graduates and students who are trying to obtain money online. You can start by making an account, uploading your CV, and start seeking jobs.

For first time freelancers or college students, this site is the way to go. Because of its simple interface, you’ll be able to navigate throughout the page and find the right job that matches your skills. So try to use this site whenever you’re in need for a quick start on your freelancing career.


Overall, freelancers should use more than one site if they’re looking for jobs. The same goes for businesses. With these freelancer competitors, you can prevent yourself from staying limited to one site.

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