How To Patch Up The Google Play Store “Download Pending” Error

google play waiting for download

We have all come across problems with Google Play at one moment in time or another. Every app has its question. Yet, few things are supplementary exasperating than trying to download that innovative game you’ve been coming up to play for ages, no more than to have your download in anticipation of indefinitely. But we are at this point to lend a hand! Here are some widespread fixes to the dishonorable Play Store download pending blunder.

Check current downloads and updates

google play waiting for download

More repeatedly than not, the Play Store download pending blunder culprits are apps that are kept informed at a similar time. You will also come across the quandary if you are downloading numerous apps simultaneously or a combination of particularly huge ones.

Follow the steps given below-

  1. Set out to Google Play > Menu > My apps & games.
  2. You will distinguish which applications are in the development of being modernized or downloaded.
  3. Just bear down on the X next to their forename to withdraw the download and proceed with getting the app you without delay need.

Ensure your connection

It might sound impractical, but this should until the end of time be one of the foremost steps you take. If you are by means of Wi-Fi, try to unfasten a website on your PC or test your internet speediness here. If it seems to be functioning but it’s deliberate, either start again your modem or make contact with your ISP. If it’s working on the whole but Google Play is still not downloading your app or game, control to data for the short term.

Make clear in your mind you’ve enabled data downloads opening. You can do that by subsequent the steps given below-

  1. Head to the Play Store and then stopcock on the menu push button in the upper left corner (three lines).
  2. set off to Settings > App download preference > Over any network.
  3. If downloading resumes as ordinary, your home or office set of connections is to blameworthiness. start again your modem and if all else fails, term your Internet service provider.

Check your storage in addition to the SD card

A common ground for Google Play problems is deficient storage on your phone or SD card. Usually, you will take delivery of notification if your storage is near to the ground when attempting a download. However, if you still want to construct convinced storage is not causing the download to pend, there are a combination of things you can do.

  1. Check how much without charge storage you have physically by going to Settings > Storage.
  2. Free up some liberty by uninstalling unused apps or obliterate old photos and videos that you have backed up in another place.
  3. Attempt your download some time ago again.
  1. If it’s still in anticipation of, your SD card might be a mistake — it might not be to be found or set up properly. abandon the download, eject the SD card, then vigilantly reposition it in addition to reattempt.

Restart your device

If you aren’t downloading whatever thing and your connection is in good health, but your download is still in anticipation of, you should endeavor to restart your machine. It might be an additional no-brainer step, but it’s an astoundingly successful one. Just press and hold the influence button on your device, then valve Restart.

Download apps through your browser as an alternative

You can endeavor to circumvent the download pending dilemma by getting your apps through your mobile or PC browser. All you could do with to do is visit the official Google Play website and log into your Google account. Once you’ve completed that, type the given name of your desired app in the investigate bar. Find it amongst the results along with click it.

You can then basically press install. You might be asked to go through your account password once supplementary. When that’s greater than with, plump for a device of your choice from the dropdown list of devices connected with your Google account. It’s not cast-iron to work depending on the motivation for the download pending blunder, but it’s worth an attempt

Clear Google Play app cache in addition to data

If the steps above did not help out it’s time to struggle with something like chalk and cheese. Clearing the app accumulation of the Google Play Store app time and again get to the bottom of a lot of inconveniences, download pending concern included. Here is how you can do this

  • Head to Settings, then Apps.
  • position the Google Play Store and tap it.
  • beneath the Disable, Uninstall updates, and Force stop buttons, you will distinguish App notifications and one-time options. Tap on Storage.
  • Make confident Google Play is closed in addition to then thump the Clear Cache
  • If you don’t want to say the again steps, you can understand the data as well.

Finally, you should take up your device. Once your smartphone or tablet has rebooted, downloads should be refusal longer be awaiting.

Clear Play Services and Download Manager app accumulation in addition to data

If the prior step didn’t do the trick, the head reverses to Apps. In the superior right corner tap the menu button and plump for the Show system. This will agree to you to see system apps. Locate Google Play Services and say again the same steps — clearing supply and information. You can then start again your device or go without delay to the Download Manager app. Once yet again, clear app data furthermore cache and then resurrect your phone. Everything should be back to management effortlessly.

Check for system updates

  • Are your downloads still persistently in the course of? Sometimes a keep informed or security patch might be all that’s obligatory. To check if one is at this time available for your device, head to Settings. spool all the way down with tap on About > Software updates > Check now. If a keep informed pops up, install it.
  • You can also confirm if the Google Play Store needs a modernize itself. Open the app, compress the menu button, go behind by Settings > About > Play Store version. If there is a newer adaptation available, it will be without human intervention downloaded once you tap the Play Store version.

Revolutionize your Google account

One of the other methods that strength help you steer clear of the download pending blunder is removing or switching the Google account connected with the Play Store.

  • Go to Settings well as spool down until you come across Accounts & sync. Tap it.
  • come across your Google account on the record.
  • Tap it and decide on Remove account.
  • Restart your piece of equipment.
  • Once it’s reverse up, go to Accounts & sync and roll to the bottom.
  • You should distinguish an Add account Tap it and re-add you’re getting on account or add a new one.
  • Check whether the issue resolved or not, if not, try the next fix.

Uninstall and reinstall Play Store updates

If you are at the closing stages of your cable and not anything seems to help, a more sweeping step might be in order. Uninstalling all Play Store updates. You be capable of doing this through Settings > Apps > Google Play Store> Uninstall updates. You may be impelled to revolutionize the Play Store to its factory version. If so, tap OK.

Confirm the Storage

A common reason for Google Play Store download in anticipation of question is running out of space on Android devices. So you should go to confirm how much without charge space is missing

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Storage.
  3. Take a look at the Available storage gap.

If there’s diminutive free space left, please obliterate unnecessary files and do away with seldom-used apps to free up space.

Check Date and Time

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select System.
  3. ChooseDate and time.
  4. Look for the Automatic date and time
  5. Turn on this attribute if it’s turned off sooner than.


Thus, you see these are some of the ways, by which you can get rid of the pending issue in your computer. Though the steps seem a little difficult but trust me, all these are simple steps when you start doing them. Further, make sure to follow the chronology and not miss out on any step so that you do not have to face the problem earlier finding out the steps that you missed. Also, sometimes, the problem is solved just by one of the two steps, then, you need not go further and check whether the system is working properly or not. If not, then only try the next fix. We must assure you that you will not have to ever face this problem once you perform the steps diligently.

Felipe is an author on Techlogitic and many other tech websites who like to share articles on errors/windows/mac.