Have You Prepared Enough Tools to Become a Travel Blogger?


Before you get into travel blogging, you’ll need to lay a foundation that puts you on the path to success. Have you prepared enough tools to become a travel blogger?

There is no denying it-blogging takes hard work and dedication. Having the right tools makes things easier and fun and there are basic tools that should be prepared when you want to become a travel blogger. But of course, the toolkit can be upgraded later once the blog takes off.

Getting started doesn’t have to be daunting if you have prepared enough tools to become a travel blogger. The tools mentioned here will not only make the process easier for you, but they will also help you get better results for your blog.

Gadgets for Travel Blogging

#1 Lightweight Portable Laptop

Your laptop is a cornerstone you don’t want to ignore when preparing tools to become a travel blogger. Essentially, it acts as your office to kick start and maintain your blog on the go. You should consider a laptop that has a decent screen size, great battery life, and functions that make video and photo editing quite easy. Of course, the best travel blogger laptops should be lightweight since you’ll be writing while traveling and you want a device that isn’t too heavy to carry around.

If you’ll be dabbling video and photo editing with writing for your blog, the 13-inch MacBook Air fits the bill perfectly. But if you intend to focus on blog writing, the MacBook 12-inch can serve you well.

When you are traveling with digital devices, every ounce matters and the lighter the gadgets are, the better.

#2 Camera

While you could be an amazing storyteller with a polished skill for painting vivid pictures through words, the target audience needs to see where you’ve been and relate with the storyline. When it comes to travel blogging, pictures are an essential part.

That’s why a decent camera is necessary to capture the moments throughout the adventure and enrich your story. Investing in a quality camera before you launch your travel blog is going to reward you down the line. Besides, it will last for several years before needing an upgrade.

#3 Backup Power

It’s almost impossible to avoid being away from power sources when you are a travel blogger. It is essential to follow tips for traveling with your laptop and other electronic gadgets. As a digital nomad, it can be frustrating to run out of power when you need them most, you’ll need a backup. It helps to choose a high-capacity power bank that will charge laptops, phones, and cameras multiple times before running out of juice.

In addition, it’s important to be armed with a universal travel adapter that will charge your devices in different geographic regions.

#4 Smartphone and A Selfie Stick

As controversial as this camera accessory may sound, it can be a great tool for solo travelers. Your audience wants to see you and you won’t go around asking strangers to help you take a picture. Armed with a selfie stick, you’ll be able to record videos whenever you are in a thrilling experience during the travel.

A smartphone is essential for travel bloggers when on the go. It helps you stay updated with trending stories in the travel blogging niche as well as your followers. In addition, it makes sharing videos and pictures on social media quite easy.

However, it won’t capture pictures like a DSLR camera but the quality is sufficient for once-in-a-lifetime moments that you don’t want your followers to miss.

#5 Notebook

Electronic gadgets are amazing but they can’t be used in all situations. While traveling, you’ll be experiencing various interesting things that you need to note down. At times, it will be very difficult to return and gather the details again that’s why you need a notebook to keep track of all the information.

Writing down your ideas and important travel details is critical. These form the interesting part of your blog posts and provide your audience with eye-opening information.

Online Tools to Kick Start Your Travel Blog

#1 SEO

Creating SEO-optimized content is the stepping stone to launching a successful travel blog. To get discovered through organic search, the content has to be created with SEO in mind.

UberSuggest is a free tool that helps you analyze popular travel blogs and implement strategies that ranks your site higher.

Keywords Everywhere is another tool that can transform your new travel blog when used in the right way. All you need to do is add the add-on to your browser and you’ll be ready to create content that will make your site easier to discover.

The Google Keyword Planner is an essential tool that you can’t ignore when starting a travel blog. It helps you determine the most appropriate keywords to use when writing a post for your blog.

Yoast SEO is incredible for newbie bloggers thanks to the insights it offers. You can start with the free version and upgrade to premium as you get more experienced in using the tool. Nevertheless, always remember that you have to plan your content with SEO in mind if your new site is going to gain momentum quickly.

#2 Social Media Management

Hootsuite is a free social media management tool that integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The tool helps you schedule social media posts all in one place and it will also monitor mentions of your keywords and blog on the social media channels.

Using Tailwind, you can manage both Instagram and Pinterest channels and capitalize on opportunities to win more followers. In travel blogging, social media is a great source of organic traffic for a blog. Since you’ll be using lots of images with your blog posts, Tailwind makes a great tool for these two image-based social media channels.


To grow your travel blog faster, you’ll need to choose the right tools that will help the site take off on the right foot. This list can help you handle frequent blogging tasks and maintain a viable travel blog. As you gain more experience with the gadgets and content tools, you might want to try out the paid options. This will come naturally as your blog grows and the income starts flowing in. To learn more about blogging laptops and other useful tips, Netbooknews provides a wealth of information.

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