SEO Advice for Beginners-Google Promote Your Website


As a starter to SEO, it is essential to learn that there is no magic way of ranking the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  This is because the search engines are usually governed by sophisticated algorithms that take time and effort in convincing them that your site or web page deserves to be on the top. The seo specialist offer guiding rules that you should follow to optimize your website yet providing search engine bots with essential signals. Most sites are confusing and usually give up on SEO or fail to get the expected results since most of the tips offered online rely on the theoretical level and not the application.

However, the tips you are going to read in this article are helpful. I have tested the given strategy over many years on several websites and got good results.

The page titles and descriptions

Pages titles are essential aspects in regards to SEO, and that is enough reason why it is the original item I have addressed. Over the years, I have found out that the page titles are essential, especially for Google SEO. Vital characteristics of an optimized page title require the following needs:

  • Unique page titles describing the accurate page content
  • Be brief and descriptive
  • Help the user understand  what the page entails

The title can include your website’s name and other essential information in the likes of the physical location of your business.

On the other hand, page description is vital as it offers the users and search engines a summary of what the page entails. It may choose to show the type in which the description is as a snippet for your page or perhaps use a part of your content. Otherwise, it is not a must whatever you write on your description to show in the snippet.

Internal links

These denote the links that direct a page that directs and redirects pages within a website. It is an essential factor for website search engine optimization, but several site owners are not using it in the right way. The rules to the correct internal linking include the following:

  • Link the related articles by the use of keywords anchor texts.
  • Ensure the links are useful so that the user can easily understand the search engines.
  • Internal links should help users to navigate the sites in a better way.
  • Avoid using the term click here
  • Do not overdo the internal linking for a single page.

Image optimization

Images are essential in enhancing the user-experience cautiously to avoid creating other side effects in the likes of the problems with page loading speed. If you must include the images ensure to include the following:

  • Ensure to use of exact keywords in image names with dashes.
  • Optimize the image size
  • Ensure to keep all the images in a particular file.

Page speed

The speed of the webpage is the primary ranking factor in many search engines, yet many webmasters never optimize their sites for speed, which makes them load slowly. The main aim of Google is to offer the search with accurate results in the fastest way possible. Indeed, the page speed being a ranking factor will gain more importance in the future. Notably, fast websites improve the experience of their users and encourage more visitors to come again. Additionally, a site that loads faster is likely to rank better, acquire more page visits, and get more conversions.

Mobile-friendly websites

The number of searches denotes that every day there are increased searches through mobile devices. Notably, the use of mobile smartphones has increased, which has led to this notable change. Keenly, when you look at your analytic information, you will realize that a good percentage of your daily visits coming from mobile devices. Ensure to follow all the steps for the mobile-friendly website. The best way to do it is through mobile SEO, adopting a responsive design in terms of optimization and usability.


For a good website, its content must be good, original, and of high quality than the SEO site optimized with not so good content. The quantity of the content does not determine quality content on your website. Instead, it relies entirely on the post or its topic.


As a beginner, once you optimize your website for SEO, adhere to all the guidelines required. Also, ensure to follow these steps to enhance the growth of your business. First of all, concentrate on improving your platform by offering more content, either new products, services, articles, or what you want to get. Another thing is to indulge in promoting special techniques that will work above, yet they are safety measures. In case your SEO optimization fails, your site may not be on the right track. However, following wrong techniques will increase the chances of risk penalties, which may destroy all your efforts.

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