How Games Make You Smarter? Let’s play some games.

The gaming world is the subject of much debate, with parents’ and experts’ opinions on whether gaming is good for you or not often being split. Based on a lot of research, experts have now reached the conclusion that there are lots of good reasons to play games.

Whether you like strategic online games or more traditional video games, they can actually make you smarter. Looking for excuses to play more? Read on!

#1 Action Games Can Make You Smarter

action games

One study shows that action games can make you more smart. The study focused on Call of Duty players vs. players who don’t play action-based games and found that CoD players demonstrated a better learning ability than the second group. It also showed that action game players are faster thinkers.

#2 Driving Games

Virtual driving games, where the player steers the car, can contribute to players showing improved multitasking skills.

#3 Gamers Often Have an Improved Logical Intelligence

Our brains are constantly building its own logical framework of what will happen in the future and action-fuelled video games helps to enhance this skill. Shooting games are always played a most important role in concentration so you can visit techpepe for the Top 5 Best Third Person Shooter Games which will help you to find out best shooting games.

#4 Strategic Games

One of the more well-known facts is that strategic games challenge the logical part of the brain. Those who prefer casino games to traditional video games might find a way to exercise their brain through games such as poker, blackjack or other card games that demand a bit of strategic thinking. Games like puzzles, sudoku, crosswords and other logical games will also help exercise the brain.

#5 Higher Intelligence

Research shows that talented gamers are often more intelligent. Some games will help boost your intelligence and if you’re really good at them, it could be a sign that you’re pretty clever already!

#6 VR Gaming Is Healthy

vr gaming

If you’re one of those who believes the VR hype, we have some good news. Experts say certain VR games can improve not only the player’s intelligence but also their health. This is because the game requires the same skills from your brain, combined with having to coordinate your body.

#7 Gaming for Surgeon Warm-Up

In a hospital in Florida, there are surgeons who warm up with games to sharpen their brains ahead of operations. A study shows that surgeons who played games for more than three hours in the past week made 37% fewer mistakes, were 27% faster and scored 26% higher than other surgeons.

Armed with these seven points, you can with a good conscience play games for hours. Actually, you’d probably be doing yourself a favour!


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