How to Attract More Customers with Two Screens and an AppleTV?


As consumer expectations keep rapidly growing, especially when it comes to in-store communications and engagement, companies turned to the high-tech, innovations and newest advancements to attract customers. So, one might wonder, is there a way to engage today’s tech-savvy, looking for the best deal customers? It seems so and digital displays just might do the trick. Digital displays are vital for the quality shopping experience, and, they are used daily not only to draw in, attract and boost foot traffic but to educate, to inspire and provide information. Nowadays most of the retailers are searching for ways to stand out, and investing in screens is the preferred solution worldwide. In my last article, I explained why Apple is the best laptop brand. So, let’s look at a couple of ways two screens and an Apple TV can increase that foot traffic.

Choose the best Digital Signage provider 

Choosing the right digital signage company is, unsurprisingly, a “make it or break it” kind of things in retail. When there are literally hundreds of digital signage software providers, picking the one surely becomes a daunting task. Picking the right company is the difference between battling with software to get the content on the screen or attracting clients with the creative exiting content and getting the most out of your screens with no effort whatsoever. Your software should be able to:

  • Play interactive content
  • Should have remote upgrading capabilities
  • Should be able to operate a growing network, even if you are starting with just two screens
  • Should have a good network health system. A way to inform you about the problems and give a chance to quickly correct them
  • Provide proper security
  • Should offer innovative solutions
  • Should offer a possibility to integrate analytics, facial recognition, etc.
  • Ideally, DS software should help those operating to track DOOH sales.

For those, like us, operating the screens with Apple TV, the choice is pretty obvious – we work with KitCast TV. Kitcast cooperation with Jamf turned Apple TV into a plug-and-play digital signage device. Their software is one of the most effective on the market.

Use interactive content

Interactive content creates an engaging experience and, interactive retail displays will help your store engage and connect with your customers. Dynamic interactive content can stop people in their tracks and re-address their attention to your store, as they possess a natural attention-grabbing quality. With a couple of touchscreens in your store, you will be able to have better customer engagement and build from there towards brand loyalty. Customers appreciate this kind of interactive solution, as though they are entertained and provided with the needed information, they also feel in control about the amount of information they are receiving. It is a much-appreciated and very non-intrusive way to increase sales.  This is a less annoying way of a sales pitch than a salesperson would use to make a sale. Lastly, information on the screens can be instantly changed, retailers change the screen’s content whenever they want, updating the information by the minute. They can immediately remove the sold out item, correct the menu, put extra attention on coupons, sales, or special propositions. Interactive retail displays are highly beneficial for both, the customers and retailers.

Make a dynamic wall

If you have two large screens – lure your customers in with a Video Wall. These kinds of solutions offer a way to stand out, promote your brand and increase sales. They are ideal for creating unique and mesmerizing video art displays. Video Walls easily attract attention, and, at any given time you can easily turn them back in the individual screens providing relevant information and interactive content to your clients. Video Walls provide dynamic shopping experience with engaging content.

Invest in awesome video content

More than 75 million people in the US alone watch online videos every day. Wouldn’t it be great if they’ll watch some of them inside your store? As a bonus, videos are extremely shareable, so, if you’ll manage to promote your shore with a fun and exciting video, chances are it’ll video would migrate from your screens to computer and mobile phone screens of your clients and their SM friends and subscribers.

Incorporate screens into a window display

A great way to attract attention and let customers know what they are missing is with an engaging exiting window display. Displays facing out create a movement that can easily attract attention, and ultimately draw the customers in.

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