Mobility or Power? 5 Reasons Some May Prefer a Laptop Over a Traditional Desktop PC


Searches for ‘laptops on rent’  and ‘mobiles on rent’ are on the rise across India. Fueled by a younger workforce with more geographic freedom in their work sectors, the furniture, and electronics rental market is flourishing.

The same factors that are driving India’s rental economy are also leading to a broader shift in the way people use technology. This shift is seeing more people eschew traditional, fixed, desktop PCs, opting instead for a portable, lightweight laptop instead. Here are five reasons why many Indians are choosing laptops over PCs.


The largest factor, and perhaps the most obvious is a laptop’s portability. Unlike their PC counterparts, laptops can be hurriedly placed in a bag and carried as you move from one place to another.

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As today’s workforce is more remote, with many working from home several days a week or using coworking spaces, a desktop computer simply isn’t able to meet the needs of the modern labour force.

This is particularly applicable to those who have to travel as part of their jobs. Laptops allow people to work from a train carriage, an airport, a coffee shop, or a hotel lobby. So, wherever you are, you can always catch up on emails, prepare for the next meeting, or spend some downtime reading the news.

They are Cheaper 

Compared to desktop PCs, laptops are far more affordable. For students, and even many professionals, affordability is often a number one priority. A computer will be many people’s most valuable item and any way to save some money is often welcomed.

Keyboard Ergonomics 

Due to a laptop’s compact design, the keyboard is usually easier to use. The smaller dimensions allow for faster typing (due to less vertical movements required).

Battery Life

What put many people off purchasing laptops in the past was their limited battery life. Once upon a time, batteries were not long-lasting, and the rationale among many was there was little point in investing in a laptop if it would have to be connected to a power source for the majority of its life.

Now, however, with the advent of modern technology and long-life batteries, charging is fast and once fully charged, a battery will last hours, increasing the allure of laptops over desktop computers.


In times gone by, people used to go to their study to work. They would boot up their desktop and stay seated in the same place all afternoon, without distractions or the need to move.

That isn’t how the modern workforce operates. There are distractions. The children need dinner. The laundry needs doing. A laptop allows for multitasking. Students and professionals simply migrate to the kitchen and can continue working while watching the children.

In this way, laptops enable multitasking in a way that desktop computers simply cannot.

The laptop revolution looks unlikely to end. As technology continues to get smaller and more compact, and laptop capabilities continue to expand, and if the trends continue as they are, desktop PCs could become all but obsolete in the near future.

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