How to Check the Warranty Status of SEAGATE Hard drive?

Check the Warranty Status of SEAGATE Hard drive

SEAGATE is the first name that comes to a user’s mind while building a PC or upgrading storage or any reason what so ever. It is a very old and stable brand when it comes to hard drives, founded in 1978, SEAGATE is able to maintain its legacy even after many decades.

Most of the latest desktops, tower PC and laptops come with a pre-fitted SEAGATE Hard Drive under the hood. Although, a user never asks for the warranty of specific components and neither does the seller talks about it. Chances are that when the Hard drive fails, most probably after 2-3 years after the initial date of purchase, the user will buy another one without knowing that the Hard Drive may still be under warranty.

Typically, a SEAGATE Hard Drive comes with five years of warranty from the date of purchase. Even if you have got one online or offline, you will still be able to find the warranty status of the part just by landing on the Seagate website page.

Disclaimer: “Techlogitic team does not hold the promise of five years warranty claimed by the manufacturer as it is subject to change”

Steps of check warranty of a SEAGATE Hard Drive

  1. Note down the Serial Number and the Part Number of your Hard Drive.
  2. After that Visit, SEAGATE Hard drive Warranty validation page by clicking here.
  3. It should look more like this.How to Check the Warranty Status of SEAGATE Hard drive
  4. Now, you will be asked for Serial Number and Country.
  5. Fill in those details and complete the reCAPTCHA.
  6. Finally, the status of the warranty will appear.
  • If the Hard Drive is still under Warranty, you will be able to get it replaced unless it is burnt due to a short circuit in the system.
  • If the Hard Drive is out of warranty, you will need to replace it.

Final Words: “Do make regular backups as Hard Drive is a disk and it is more prone to get corrupt rather than an SSD”.

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