How to Get More Organic Traffic Without Any SEO?


In the year 2020, SEO is a great way to garner website traffic. However, Search Engine Optimization isn’t the only means to attract more site traffic for a business. It is essential to diversify your site’s traffic and not to rely solely on SEO.

This article looks at a few ways that will help your website get more traffic without any SEO assistance.

Assess Your Traffic

The traffic that you get on your website is not always equal. One should aim for high-quality traffic that resonates with the customer that you’re trying to reach. These are people who might be interested in your product or service. In order to attract them, these users must be targeted. Targeted high-quality traffic is guaranteed to grant you better ROI than the ones that aren’t targeted. So, even if your website has high traffic, but it is not targeted, it is of no use.

Social Media

Yotpo conducted a study among 120,000 eCommerce stores. The study suggests that Direct and Search account for the majority of traffic on a website; 40% and 34%, respectively. The amount of traffic generated by social media accounted for only 6%. That being the case, the role of Social Media should not be neglected.

Social Media can significantly drive up sales for a business, depending on the audience profile and the nature of your industry. For example, in a media company, the amount of traffic generated by Social Media might surpass the other sources. With the right strategy, Social Media can be a source of targeted traffic.

 Online Advertising

This is an easy way to generate traffic on your website if your business has a good budget. With the overwhelming usage of social media and smart ads, it becomes easier than ever to target the right people.

Take the UK, for example – their online ad spending went up by 17.3% in 2017 on a Like-for-Like basis.

However, there are some things that one needs to keep in mind before they employ an online advertising strategy for their business. How are they going to make money from the traffic on their website? Assuming your budget isn’t a lot, the media platform you choose to channel your traffic in must be effective. There are two things in general that need to be acknowledged while creating ads for businesses – who are the ads targeting and how will the ads be designed?

To ensure your ads generate good traffic, be mindful to look at the ads posted by your competitors. One will be surprised by the tools in their competitor’s ads and the insights they can gather from it. For example, when you click the down arrow at the top right corner of an ad on Facebook and click “Why am I seeing this?”, you will be able to understand how your competitors are targeting users.

These insights might be based on things like demographics, interests, or even geography and can be trusted as they are precise.

Another way to gather insights from your competitor’s web ads is to subscribe to their email list. By doing so, you will be added to their Custom Audience List on a social media platform, which businesses use to target campaigns.

It should also be remembered that the traffic you attract will be practically useless if it cannot generate profit for your website. Hence, you need to find ways to generate ROI from the ads you put up if you plan on advertising in the long term.

When running ads, you should remember there is no need to go big. Test the waters; see what happens with $5-$10 per day on one platform. To learn how it works, do the same for about a week. Then the following week, try to work on metrics like profit or email signups that are generated. Make sure you experiment with different platforms over time.

Guest Blogging

Guest Posting (or) Guest Blogging is yet another tool that helps generate website traffic. Many businesses include guest blogs on their websites as it attracts good traffic. When you decide on putting guest blogs on your site, there are two things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to find websites that suit your niche and accept guest posts. They can be easily found on Google by just typing in your niche and adding your requirements. For example, use – “[your niche]“ + “[a guest-posting search string]” to look up topics. Some companies post their guest blogs on their social media page also. So, it becomes easier to find a good guest blogger on such pages.

It is important to do some demographic research to gauge the interests and track down your ideal audience. This will give clarity on which topics to write your blog posts on and also the kind of audience who will be reading it.

It is not enough that you put guest blogs on your site. The quality of the content also plays a big role in attracting traffic to your website. Great content not only strengthens your brand but also gives a strong reason for your target users to read the blog content on your site.


There’s more to gaining traffic than just SEO practices, and this article highlighted some of the best ways to boost your web traffic organically without any SEO assistance. They are simple yet effective techniques on how you can boost your brand online in today’s age. With the right strategies, these techniques can help your business also.

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