Seven insanely awesome ways to increase traffic to your website

increase traffic

Nowadays, almost all businesses have websites, but not all sites attract traffic. Traffic is converted into clicks, which are then converted into bucks. The more clicks you get, the more your business becomes profitable, and the better your life becomes.

Having a website that does not attract traffic is like having an employee who knows no sleep or vacation. He is on duty 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Additionally, he greatly contributes to the visibility and reputation management of the company. But, if you are not getting visitors to your site, then it is as good as not having it in the first place.

The benefits of website traffic

Website traffic can help;

  • Track whether or not your marketing strategy is working
  • Enhance your search engine credibility and improve your SEO
  • Gather various metrics concerning your audience; thus helping you make decisions that will change their behaviour.
  • Generate more leads and boost conversions
  • Get more customers

Below are seven ways to increase your website traffic to help you enjoy the above benefits

Create a social media community

It is great to have your customers visit your site on a regular basis. You can make this happen by creating a social media community.

This is what you do;

Create a social media group that contain members of your target audience. Then, keep sharing with them valuable content about your company. Through the content, make them feel that they will benefit from what you are offering. Then, tactically post links to your website. Of course, if you have been posting relevant content, it will be difficult for the participants to ignore the links. This will increase traffic to your site, which might eventually be converted into leads.

In case your audience finds the information on your website useful, you will enjoy Facebook shares and retweets, which will go a long way in boosting your site’s organic traffic.

Publish articles on other sites

This is another strategy that will indirectly boost traffic to your site. Look for sites that accept guest posting. When approved, write content that is in line with what you offer in your business, and include a few links to your site within the text.

By doing this, the number of visitors to your site will increase, since they will click on your links with the hope of getting more useful information concerning the subject.

Make use of newsworthy information

Send press releases on a regular basis to various sites, and you will be surprised at the rate at which traffic to your site will increase.

Within the press release, make sure you include a few links to your site. Write on a variety of subjects – but make sure the text is written in a professional tone, is highly newsworthy, and contain a catchy headline.

Reply to comments

Most website owners ignore the comment section since they believe it does not matter to them. However, if you ignore it, readers might assume that you do not care about their concerns, and they will have a negative perception towards it. Keep the conversation going. Make sure you reply to all comments in good time, and users will fall in love with your site, and soon, you will enjoy massive traffic than ever before.

Use videos

The human mind retains over 90% of what they say. Therefore, using videos to illustrate your content is one technique that is hardly used, but can lead to increase in website traffic.

In fact, most people would rather watch a 10-minute video than read a 500-word article.

This does not mean that you need to hire a video production company. No! Sit in front of your webcam, and tell your clients what they want to hear. Download the clip, upload it to YouTube, and you are good to go.

Regularly update information

Internet users’ love is information. If you give it to them, they will stick to your site like glue. Therefore, try posting something new at least twice a week. In no time, you will see the numbers dramatically rising.

Optimize your site

Optimizing your website is the last and the most important way to increase traffic to your site. Develop an actionable SEO strategy and execute it. Use SEO tools such as SEMRush and Ahrefs to fins a perfect keyword to use in your content, and do a competitor analysis that will help you get insights of what others are doing to survive in the competitive digital space.

Increasing traffic to your site should never be a daunting task. Practice the above ways, and your site will be a must-visit destination for online users.


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