How To Keep Inventory In Minecraft After Death?

How To Keep Inventory In Minecraft After Death?

If you are a gamer, then you probably know a lot about the importance of managing your inventory. It is one of the most vital aspects of any video game. Your inventory stores all items and equipment you have collected so far in the game.

It is essential to keep your inventory safe because you will be using many of them to clear later stages of the game. Many of these items can be money, healing items, traversal items, and weapons and armor that you need to survive attacks from enemies.

How To Keep Inventory In Minecraft After Death?

However, many games, especially rogue-like and survival simulators, punish you heavily for dying. This is done by completely deleting your inventory upon death, forcing you to collect them all over again.

However, in Minecraft, there is a way to prevent your inventory from getting deleted upon death. But how do you do that? Read on to find out now!

What Is Minecraft?

Before we spill all the secrets about preserving your inventory in Minecraft, let’s first discuss the game itself for those who do not know about it. Minecraft is a survival open-world sandbox game where players can collect items to build the world around them, which is entirely pixelated and graphically vivid.

When you first start the game, you start in a barren, desolate world, with only a bag and a pickaxe by your side. You will need to dig and mine for resources like wood, rocks, minerals, and other materials. Using them, you can build the world around you, build homes, and explore many underground areas in the game.

However, as night falls, you realise that you are not alone after all. Many monsters, zombies, and many other creatures inhabit the land and its darkest depths at night, forcing you to craft weapons and armor from said resources and fend them off.

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To do so, you can create your own house and shelter yourself from monsters at night. Then go on and mine for more loot during the day. Of course, you also have to eat food to regenerate health, or otherwise die of hunger.

You can also create your custom server and play with your friends or join other servers to engage in multiplayer activities.

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How To Keep Inventory In Minecraft After Death?

Whenever you die in Minecraft, you lose all your inventory items. Yes, you heard that right. So upon death, you lose all your food, money, weapons, armor, and everything that was in your bag.

After death, you restart from the nearest spawn point with just your pickaxe. You can then retrieve your items in five minutes from the exact location you died. If you cannot do so, then they are gone forever.

To prevent such misfortunes from happening upon death, you can follow these instructions below to respawn with all your inventory intact whenever you die, removing the hassle of retrieving it in a timer.

However, you will need to use cheats and hacks for this to happen. While this might seem petty for a hardcore gamer, casual gamers will find Minecraft to be a more relaxing and hassle-free game to play.

For PC Players

If you are playing Minecraft on your PC, you need to:

Create A Lan World Where You Can Use Cheats

  • Go to the game menu
  • Click on the “Open To LAN” option
  • Select “Game Mode: Survival”
  • Select “Allow Cheats: On”
  • Click on “Start LAN World”
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Input Cheat Code

  • After spawning on the world, open the chat window by pressing T
  • Type the following code: “/gamerule keepinventory true” and press Enter

When you die and respawn in the game, you will see that your inventory is intact as it is!

For Smartphone Players

If you are playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your  Android smartphone or iPhone, you will need to:

  • Open the game
  • Tap on the chat option on the top of the screen to open the chatbox
  • Input the cheat code and exit the chatbox

The next time you die and respawn, your inventory will be as it is. There is no need to create a LAN world for using cheats in this version of the game.

For Console Players

If you are playing Minecraft on your console (Xbox or Playstation), you will need to:

  • First, create a LAN world where you can use cheats
  • After spawning in the world, press the Right button on your D-Pad to open the chat window
  • Type the cheat code and use the D-Pad to click on Enter

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Minecraft is one of the highest-selling video games because of its casual yet competitive gameplay loop. You mine for items, craft new weapons and armor, and then be off in your way fighting a horde of monsters.

However, the penalty of losing all items that you worked hard to collect was a hassle for many players. Therefore, use the cheat code mentioned in this guide to remove this feature from the game and enjoy Minecraft in a better way.

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