How to Save Money While Shopping Online? – Save It For Later.


E-commerce has become the new mainstream way to make purchases, and more people across the world are gladly switching to online shopping for its many benefits. Free and low-cost delivery even on a global scale, competitive prices, discounts, greater transparency in terms of quality through customer reviews, and endless diversity in choices. Not to mention the fact that it’s much easier and efficient to shop online as you’ll spend less time on the process without ever leaving your home.

However, despite all the listed perks and expected benefits, some retailers are still costly, and not every online shopper has the experience necessary to recognize an opportunity to find the same product at a lower price elsewhere, or wait for a better moment to make the purchase. There are various simple ways you can get the things you want online but without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips to help you save money when you shop online!

Look for seasonal discounts

There’s no better time to buy than during the holidays, but it’s also a tricky time to find the best deals, because everyone is looking for the same items, in the same trusted stores. However, combine seasonal discounts with loyalty and subscription notifications, and you get a perfect deal. You’ll get timely notifications when to expect your most desired items in stock, and you’ll know precisely when to buy them while they are at a lower price.

Pro tip for seasoned buyers: leave the item you want in the cart and bolt. Then you can expect a message coming your way most of the time offering an additional discount or free shipping, or a similar perk for your budget.

Use your cashback card perks

If you live and shop in an affluent region such as Singapore, you know full-well that saving on every purchase pays off in the long run for your savings and your budget. However, even though you have options, finding the best ones is often a struggle when you lead a fast-paced life, which is why many people use a SingPost credit card with a cashback program specifically designed for those who love online shopping. It can help you get up to 30% off on shipping fees, and discounts for online spending depending on where you buy.

It’s one of the simplest strategies to help you save while you spend, and to discover specific stores and programs that bring you the most benefit for all of your online shopping. Discounts vary depending on where you buy and in what currency, so you can tweak your shopping decisions based on that, as well.

Sign up for loyalty programs

In addition to knowing precisely the quality you can expect from a brand you like and buy, there’s yet another perk of brand loyalty: discounts. Brands reward customers who are loyal to their business and always come back for more, which is why you should ask for specific programs in stores that you regularly visit online. In addition to traditional point collecting systems that work quite well for regular buyers, you can also subscribe to newsletters and special newsletters that will notify you whenever there’s a sale of items you regularly buy.

Staying in the know is half the battle sometimes, and it pays to follow the brands you buy from frequently. Loyalty is rewarded differently across the web, so you can peruse and look for the best options until you find what makes sense for you budget and your needs.

Compare different retailers

Much like you compare the perks your credit card provider can offer and only then select the program that makes sense for your lifestyle, you should take the same approach with any purchase you make, especially the ones that call for some hefty spending. Today, you can choose from a wide range of apps and websites dedicated to comparison shopping, so that you can see the prices on any item you’re interested in across different stores.

Some of the more popular apps include The Find and ShopSavvy, so you can browse through their massive databases of millions of retailers online and compare their prices on the items you want. This might take some time to refine your search preferences and you still might need to play the waiting game and look for certain items when you know they’ll be on sale during the holidays, but this is nonetheless a great way to make sure you know which stores have the best prices.

Online shopping has become more nuanced than ever, and with the number of choices at your disposal, there’s really no need to overspend your available budget, especially if you can find a better offer in a matter of a few clicks. Sometimes, online shopping is a waiting game, while at other times, it’s just a matter of brand loyalty. Discover all the perks of online buying and make sure that you refine your approach with these and similar smart decisions to cut costs and save up.

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