How to Use Content Marketing Tools for Your Blog?

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy: The Step-by-Step Approach 

Do you want to improve your blog and drive more traffic? We’re sure you do, so the only thing that matters is to find a way to make your blog posts better and more attractive.

Our advice is to take advantage of content marketing tools because they can make your articles look more trustworthy and visually-appealing. There are literally hundreds of powerful platforms you can use for blogging purposes, but it’s not easy to make a decision and focus on the most relevant tools only.

Our job is to help you with that by discussing the best content marketing platforms and explaining how to use them to enhance your blog. Let’s take a look!

#1 Evernote

Every blog post starts with an idea, so it’s kind of annoying when you forget interesting topic suggestions and proposals. Evernote takes care of this problem by letting you capture and find ideas almost instantly. The app works with all formats – textual, visual, and audio – and it doesn’t take more than a minute or two to figure it out.

In case you don’t like Evernote, you can also try tools like One Note or Roam Research.

#2 BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the best platforms for analyzing content ideas and finding relevant topics for your blog. It scans millions of articles and social media posts to make data-driven conclusions and give you trustworthy topic suggestions. Besides that, you can use BuzzSumo to research competitors and analyze their topics as well.

The most popular BuzzSumo alternatives include platforms such as Soovle and Topix.

#3 CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Now that you have the right topic for your blog, you should analyze the headline in order to make it better and grab the attention of your audience. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer will help you do that because it evaluates a wide range of quality indicators such as the word balance, sentiment, character count, clarity, skimmability, and many others.

If you are not a fan of CoSchedule, you might as well try Share Through or Capitalize My Title.

#4 Hemingway App

A lot of young bloggers are students looking for dissertation help, so they use Google and type in phrases like write my assignment for me or buy assignment. It’s a totally legit decision, but if you hire someone else to write your content, you better test it using the Hemingway App. This platform proofreads documents to remove grammar and spelling errors, while it also analyzes the overall readability of the text.

Useful alternatives include tools like Grammarly and the US essay writing service.

#5 Canva

Do you know that blogs with images tend to perform much better than text-only posts? This is exactly why you need Canva, a simple but powerful tool for visual content creation. It contains thousands of readymade templates that you can use as such or customize in a way that suits your blog. Besides that, Canva offers tons of valuable learning resources.

Canva is not the only platform for creating visual content since you could also try Fotor and Photo Collage.

#6 Meme Generator

Young people love memes and 30% of users aged 13-35 send them every day. If your audience consists of younger users, you could take advantage of Meme Generator to drive more traffic to the website. The platform is super-simple, which means you can create a brand new meme within seconds.

There are other meme generators you could try such as Kapwing or I Love IMG.

#7 Vidyard

Video has been dominating the Internet recently, so it’s fair to say that adding a nice clip to your posts would probably make them more attractive. Vidyard is one of the easiest video editors you can find online and we recommend it to bloggers who want to produce short and entertaining video content.

Of course, you can find tons of other video editors out there, but we suggest checking out the platforms like We Video or Open Shot.

#8 Ahrefs

We don’t have to explain to you the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), but we must mention Ahrefs as one of our favorite optimization platforms. It’s an all-encompassing SEO tool that will help you improve the blog and rank higher in engine searches. With this platform at your disposal, it’s easy to spot the difference between seemingly identical keyword phrases like essay writing service and essay writing service reviews.

In case you find Ahrefs too overwhelming, make sure to try SEMrush or Moz.

#9 Survey Monkey

Making your blog interactive is always a good idea because it boosts reader loyalty, which is why you should utilize Survey Monkey. It’s a user-friendly tool that enables you to create and publish opinion polls on the website. That way, you can learn a lot about readers’ ideas, opinions, topic preferences, and many more.

In case Survey Monkey is not your thing, perhaps you could experiment with Typeform or SoGo Survey.

#10 Trello

Most bloggers do not work alone. On the contrary, they work in larger teams with other creative individuals to make their posts more interesting. In such circumstances, having a collaboration tool such as Trello becomes mandatory. This is particularly important in the coronavirus era when lots of professionals are working from home.

The online collaboration market is huge, so we definitely suggest learning more about other tools like Asana or Slack.

#11 Buffer

With more than three billion daily users, social networks play a major blog promotion channel. Buffer will help you to take advantage of social platforms and spread the word about your blog. And it’s not only about publishing since Buffer is also great at engaging the audience and analyzing content efficiency.

If you don’t really enjoy Buffer and its dashboard, you can also play with Sendible or Hootsuite.

#12 Social Media Share Buttons

More than a third of all webmasters use WordPress as their content management system. This platform comes with thousands of interesting plugins, but Social Media Share Buttons is one of the most popular among bloggers. The reason is simple – it enables readers to share your articles on their social media accounts with one click only.

Other versions of the same tool include Share This and Add This.

#13 Google Analytics

You cannot improve what you do not measure, so you’ll need a platform such as Google Analytics to assess the results of your blog. It’s a free tool that will tell you all there is to know about website traffic and user engagement.

Of course, there are other data analytics options available online, including Crazy Egg and KissMetrics.

The Bottom Line

Blogging is by far the simplest way to drive website traffic, but how can you make your posts better and outperform thousands of other authors in the same niche? The answer lies in content marketing tools because they can make your article look more attractive and visually-appealing.

In this post, we showed you the finest content marketing platforms and explained how to use them to enhance your blog. Have you already tried some of these tools and which one did you like the most?

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