How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business?

How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business?

I have been using Pinterest for a long time, but what I did not know is that you can use Pinterest to market and expand your business. Once I got the tips from a fellow entrepreneur, I started researching Pinterest marketing strategies.

To my great surprise, the strategies and tactics are quite easy to follow, and they give great results. Now that I have been using Pinterest to grow my business for some time, I hardly spend 20 minutes on Pinterest daily, and I am done!

Let me share some useful tips and tactics so you can also enjoy the exponential business growth brought by Pinterest in no time!

1. Create an Account

First of all, create a Pinterest account for your business. Unlike the former layout, the new settings of Pinterest allow you to highlight your business through five boards. You can use these to browse other boards as well. Your profile on Pinterest Features the following four key factors:

  • Display Name

Your Display Name is your brand name so that people can find you easily on the platform. Alongside the brand name, briefly explain what your business does and tag the relevant industry to get in the search results.

For instance, if you write Business XYZ, people will not know what services or products your business provides. They will need to read the “about us” or go for the pins to know more about you. However, if you write Business XYZ, Mobile App Development Services Provider, people will immediately know what you do, and if they are interested, they will visit your boards. It will also help optimize your board so that it appears in Pinterest search results.

  • Profile Picture

Be sure to use your picture instead of a business logo because a personal picture helps connect with the audience better than logos.

  • About Me

Make this section precise, catchy, and creative. Highlight the key offerings of your business, and be sure to add a call to action in the end.

  • Featured Boards

Select your featured boards carefully – these are the boards that visitors will see to know about your service. You can easily arrange these boards as per choice. Be sure to select the ones that can drive more traffic, connect you with prospects, and showcase your talent.

For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, you will create a board where visitors can see your unique content. This board will connect them to four more boards showing your content related to fashion tips, tricks, trends, and hacks.

2. The Pins

The quality of pins is directly proportional to clicks; therefore, you must pay attention to the pins you are pinning to your boards.  Read the following key guidelines for creating pins:

  • Use images along with text
  • Be sure to use high-quality images
  • Write meta descriptions for SEO optimization
  • Also, use the available white space
  • Pin Description

Through Pinterest SmartFeed, you can show your best pins in comparison to the new ones. However, you need to follow some tips for it:

  • Use the best keywords
  • Write creative and reader-friendly content
  • Use call to action

3. Boards

The first thing you need on Pinterest are boards with relevant and interesting content. For a start, you can create around 10 different boards with your brand name. Also, pin 15-20 pins in these boards to engage your target customer. Be sure to check out the competition and see how they are arranging their boards and pins for inspiration.


After every board has at least 20 pins, start linking your Pinterest account with other social media accounts. For instance, you can tweet, check more images on Pinterest or give a link to your profile on Facebook.

Once you start getting the followers, make sure to pin daily. You will see the magic when you will have around 50 pins on each board.

4. The Best Pinning Tool – Looping

In my opinion, Looping is the best option to select and manage pins. Just go to the tool menu and select Looping. Now, select the board on which you want to loop your pins via the “add board” section. Then a menu will appear. You will have to fill several sections like status, frequency, pins per day, automatic and run deduplication, duplicate viral protection, and so on.

5. Some More Tips

Automating your settings can ease down things. Read the following tips for a positive change in your business growth:

  • Time Setting to Pin Boards

Schedule 20-25 minutes per day to post new and creative pins on your boards.

  • Pin The Best Content

Do not forget to pin the best content on relevant boards.

  • Group Boards

Be sure that your boards are open to others. This strategy is ideal for your Pinterest growth.

  • Hire an Expert

You may hire a social media manager for your digital marketing, but Pinterest experts are also available easily. Contact a professional and run your account without any hassle.

Tracking Results

Your hard work and dedication will be of no use if you do not track the changes. See what pins are working, which boards are getting high traffic, and how your followers are growing. Once you are successful in identifying the right boards, pins, and tactics, your future growth will be easier. Be sure that you keep adding high-quality and creative content to your boards. Pinning the best content is an ideal tactic to invite the best followers.

Promoted Pins can Drive Huge Traffic

Unlike Facebook Ads, promoting pins is highly affordable. These pins focus on keywords in which users have a high interest. Since Pinterest is a search engine and keywords play a great role in maximizing followers, this strategy works effectively.

Wrapping It Up

In short, growing your business on Pinterest requires some key strategies. Creating a good profile, selecting pins, writing ideal pin descriptions, pinning the best content, Looping, and selecting group boards are ideal for business growth. Besides this, keeping track of your efforts and maintaining a record to create future strategies.

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