What To Expect When You Work With A Web Designer?

What To Expect When You Work With A Web Designer

A professional looking website will ensure your customers stick around, boosting your conversions as a result. Though, the reality is web design is not something that comes naturally to most people. That’s why hiring a web designer is an excellent investment for your business.

As experienced professionals, web designers are best placed to help you create a layout, structure and colour scheme that will best reflect your brand. Here is what to expect when you work with a web designer to tell you more.


The initial consultation you have with a web designer is a chance for you to view their portfolio and to assess if the individual or company will be a great fit. The designer is going to want to know the scope of the project, and what you had in mind for your brand new website. If your website is already live, it’s good to share the current pain points you have with it so the designer can work on these.


Most freelancers or design agencies will issue their clients with a contract. You must read this before you sign it. It could stipulate that the company will include their name at the bottom of your website. This is common within web design, and so if you don’t want that to be the case, you’ll need to negotiate the contract to remove it. Check what their clauses are for revisions too, as these may be limited to a certain amount.

Payment Terms

Designing a website is a complex job which requires many man hours. So for the designer’s protection, you’ll likely be charged anywhere up to 50% of the total project cost before the work starts. You’ll need to check the payment terms in full, as you could incur a late payment charge if not.

Project Length

The time it will take to design your website will depend on how many pages not to mention elements are required. A simple drag and drop exercise on Wix will take far less than coding a website from scratch. The average time to design a website is around 4-8 weeks. This includes the initial design, development, content and testing. Be sure to enquire what the transition time will be like so that your website doesn’t go down for too long.

Regular Check-Ins

There will be several check-ins between you the client and your web design team. The first check-in will involve presenting you with a wireframe. This is a basic skeleton of your new website design and allows you to preview what it will look like before the more time consuming work begins. It’s also your chance to make any tweaks or suggestions. From there, your designers will usually meet with you virtually at least once a week to keep you up to speed with the progress of the project.

Ongoing Support

Even the best designed websites will require some ongoing maintenance from time to time. Ask your web design team about support in the future. They may be able to put a price package together that covers this. If you’re working with an individual web designer, they may not have the capacity to provide ongoing support to existing clients and take on new ones at the same time. So ask them what the contingency plan would be if that’s the case.

An Amazing Result

Let us not forget that working with a web designer versus going it alone will offer amazing results. This is especially the case if you do your research beforehand, and select someone whose work really knocks your socks off. Compared with trying to design your own website with zero experience, the outcome will likely be more professional and will better appeal to your customers too.

To Sum Up

It’s an exciting prospect when you hire a web designer to redesign your website. Although it’s not an overnight process, working with a web designer is well worth it in the end especially when your company image is at stake.

By taking on board the above points, you’ll be even more prepared for the journey ahead, which we hope will be a smooth and successful one as your web designer unveils your brand new website! 

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