How to use Quora and Yahoo Answers to Get Free Traffic To Your Website?


With SEO becoming more and more difficult as algorithms change, more people are looking into new and effective avenues to boost SEO and traffic. Q&A sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers could be the solution to your problem.

Why Use Quora and Yahoo Answers?

There are plenty of great reasons to use these websites – and Q&A websites in general. Here are the top 5 reasons.

1. Find and Convert New Customers

These websites are designed to solve problems. You could say the same thing about the articles on your business blog, and your business itself. Engage these websites to engage your audience. Build up a relationship with them by offering them insightful answers to their questions. People are more likely to click through to your site and generate traffic for you if you offer good answers.

2. Link Building

Q&A websites allow you to boost your SEO and link building efforts too. You should still be helpful and authentic with your answers though. Stick to websites that rank high on Alexa. That’s why we point at Quora and Yahoo Answers specifically as they are the two most popular Q&A websites around.

3. Improve SEO

Quora regularly shows up in search engine results. Engage the community for your keywords and you’ll appear with them. Include links back to your website in your answers. If you give a good answer then the community will vote it up to the top, giving you better SEO within the actual websites themselves.

While nofollow links from Quora and Yahoo Answers don’t pass any link juice, these sites are still good to promote your content.

4. Crowdsource the Market

These sites give you the chance to crowdsource your market and get their opinions. Take the chance to improve business offerings and get ideas for good blog posts for the future. The more you understand and solve problems the better the results will be.

5. Boost Website Traffic

Make sure your profile has a link to your website in it. Offer informative and insightful answers and tease an even more in-depth solution is provided with blog posts. You can then link to those posts and boost traffic.

How to Use Quora and Yahoo Answers to Drive Traffic?

1. Know what to Link To

The first step to driving traffic to your website with Q&A sites is to know what to link to. What is the best content on your blog? What posts offer the most informative value? You can learn more about that by using Google Analytics.

After you’ve compiled a list of your best evergreen content you can then look for questions that content would answer.

2. Find the Right Questions

Finding the right questions is the first tangible step to using these websites to boost traffic. Both Quora and Yahoo Answers have a search bar you can use to do just that. Search for your keywords and find questions related to your keywords.

If there’s a topic that you feel confident in then you can even follow the topic. That way you will be alerted to questions related to that topic to give you even more questions to engage with. They appear on the main page ready for you to access directly.

Aim to find active topics that get a good amount of traction. There’s no point in following a dead topic that no one is going to see. Check to see when the question was posted and start with the newest questions. It helps to be among the first people to answer a question. It’s also worth delivering the only good answer to a question that others have done a poor job answering.

Be sure to look through all the different topics related to your keywords. Follow them so that new questions appear on your feed so you always have new questions to answer.

Find the “Questions for You” section and Quora will suggest questions that you’ve answered before. There’s also an “Answer Request” section where you’ll find questions that other users have asked you. This all makes it much easier to engage with the audience.

3. Start Answering Questions

Now it’s time to actually get to answering questions. The most important part of this step is to be helpful to the questioner. You shouldn’t be concerned with putting your links in and grabbing traffic. Focus on creating a great answer to their question first and then including a link where people can learn more if they want.

The best way to answer questions is to offer enough information for the questioner to solve their problem, but make them want more anyway so they have to open your blog to find it. As you answer questions, try to include some imagery. Screenshots work best for this.

Images make it easier to consume your answer and screenshots make the answers extra valuable. They show that you’ve taken the time to really answer the question and make it easier for people to understand. It’s the same principle that applies to using images in blog posts.

According to, some essay writing companies create dozens of accounts on Yahoo & Quora and use crowd marketing tactics to get new clients. They ask questions and answer them themselves, unobtrusively advertising essay writing sites and creating a false sense of popularity. While this approach cannot be called 100% honest, it is truly effective and cheap.

4. Keep Up the Good Work

Consistency is key with this kind of thing, as it is with anything that generates traffic and improves your standing in the community. Answer questions as quickly and often as you can and link back to lots of different posts on your website.

You’ll start to notice results after a while. One great thing about using websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers is that you can get results pretty quickly. At least, faster than other projects designed to get these results. Some people notice great results within just a few weeks.

The best part about all of this is that these answers are evergreen. The answer will continue generating traffic for as long as it remains relevant as people will continue to search for it. It will be consistently driving traffic to your website for as long as people need the information you’ve supplied.


Q&A websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers are great ways to generate traffic to your website. Because the questions and answers are evergreens there’s also no telling how long it will continue to generate results. On top of all of that, providing good answers improves your standing in the market and makes you more of an authority in your industry. With all of these benefits, there’s no reason to not embrace Quora and Yahoo Answers today.

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