How to Use Tablets in Business?

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Tablets are gaining wide recognition into the enterprise world, thanks to their modular sleep design, a functionality that matches a computer, apps that perform similar to smartphones (often with a better visual experience) and bigger screens. Tablets have replaced the traditional, bulky computers as well as POS systems in modern businesses such as retail and hospitality. More so, tablets today are replacing the high-tech vehicle-mounted devices used in logistics, trucking as well as manufacturing. And why not? Instead of having complex devices attached to vehicles as well as forklifts, customized tablets powered with right hardware + software combination are preferred for ease of use with an array of apps and up-to-date operating systems.

But as tablets in businesses become popular, enterprises are met with challenges of provisioning, securing and troubleshooting these devices that operate remotely.

In this infographic, let’s have a look at how the usage of tablets has evolved over the last decade, the benefits and challenges of deploying them for business and how a powerful MDM solution can help in leveraging the capabilities of tablets for business.

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